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    Hello to all! I am Claudia Crawford, and welcome to my class page. 
    This year's class theme is " Shining Stars ".
    We will make our class theme this year "Shining Stars" because even though we are continuing to maneuver through the pandemic, the goal is for my 2nd graders to SHINE through! I have the pleasure of looping up with most of my students from 1st grade so we begin this school term as a ready-made class family.
    2nd Grade is exciting because the students' attention span is longer and they are learning by listening and taking ownership of their learning. I look forward to teaching and guiding them as they develop and grow in knowledge.
    I have taught at Wilkinson Gardens for 16 years and this will be my second time looping up with my students from 1st grade.
    My training includes a bachelor's degree in early childhood education from Augusta University and a master's degree in education and psychology from Troy University. I consider it a privilege to teach children because teaching is my true calling. 
    Claudia Crawford, M. Ed. 
    Phone 706-737-7219 
    Subject(s):All Subjects

  • 2nd Grade Syllabus


    • Sight words, blending, segmenting
    • Grammar-parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, etc.)
    • Writing-writing narrative, opinion, and informational pieces
    • Reading-read grade-level text fluently, build comprehension skills and reading strategies


    • Develop skills in number sense
    • operation and computation
    • geometry
    • measurement
    • problem solving

    Science and Social Studies will be incorporated into the lessons with a focus on:

    • plants
    • animals
    • light
    • sound
    • magnets
    • cultures
    • geography
    • economics