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    Hello to all! I am Claudia Crawford, and welcome to my class page. 
    This year's class theme is " A SWEET SPOT TO LEARN".
    We will make our class theme this year a "sweet spot to learn" because even though we are continuing to maneuver through a pandemic, my goal is for your children to have a "sweet spot" that they will want to come to and be ready to learn new things.
    I am the proud mother of one daughter and two sons, all grown-up now, whom I reared as a single widowed parent. Children truly are our future. As we look ahead to a new year, first grade is important because it is the foundational year for all subsequent educational years that follow. My aim is to help make the foundation strong as I lead your children into discoveries. 
    I have taught first grade at Wilkinson Gardens for 15 years and it has always been exciting. My training includes a bachelor's degree in early childhood education from Augusta University and a master's degree in education and psychology from Troy University. I consider it a privilege to teach your children because teaching is my true calling. 
    Claudia Crawford, M. Ed. 
    Phone 706-737-7219 
    Subject(s):All Subjects

  • 1st Grade Syllabus


    • Sight words, blending, segmenting
    • Grammar-parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, etc.)
    • Writing-writing narrative, opinion, and informational pieces
    • Reading-read grade-level text fluently, build comprehension skills and reading strategies


    • Develop skills in number sense
    • operation and computation
    • geometry
    • measurement
    • problem solving

    Science and Social Studies will be incorporated into the lessons with a focus on:

    • plants
    • animals
    • light
    • sound
    • magnets
    • cultures
    • geography
    • economics