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    Ahoy, matey!  Shiver me timbers, September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Check out some of our great pirate books. Download and print out Pirate Activity Sheets. Scroll down to listen to the Story Pirates Podcast.  MyON has 33 pirates books including Gross Facts about Pirates and Crack the Pirate Code (access myON through your Launchpad).


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    How to Talk Like a Pirate Cover image  Cover image Cover image

    (Pirate Vocabulary)

    Ahoy: hello

    Avast: stop, or sometime used as an exclamation like "Hey!"

    Aye: yes

    Nay: no

    Me: my (as in "I just ate me lunch."

    Ye: you

    Batten down the hatches: prepare the ship for a storm

    Black spot: death threat

    Booty: stolen pirate treasure

    The briny deep: the ocean

    bunghole: the opening in a cask of rum or beer that is stopped with a cork

    Davy Jone's locker: the grave at the bottom of the ocean

    Dubloon: Spanish gold

    Give no quarter: show no mercy

    Pieces of Eight: also Spanish gold

    Landlubber: someone who never gets on a boat. Landlubbers are generally seen as cowards.

    Jolly Roger: the pirate flag with the skull and crossbones.

    Matey: a good friend

    Poop deck: the top deck of the ship

    Old Salt: an experienced sailor

    Scurvy: an insult meaning low or disgusting

    Shiver me timbers: an expression of surprise or amazement

    Swab the deck: mop or clean the deck

    Walk the plank: forcing someone to walk off a long board set over the side of the ship. That person will fall into the briny deep and will end up in Davy JOnes' locker.

    Yo ho ho: what pirates say when they are happy.