• Let's Take a glance at Barton Chapel in January, 2017

    2017  - This is how we make the best BETTER at Barton Chapel -  Happy New Year


    Staff and Student of the Month - Congratulations, Mrs.Brady and Taylor Merriweather for being recongnized!

    Brady  Student of the Month

    K-5th Grades Curriculum Night - Jan.30 @ 5:30 pm - Thank you for those who were there! Your dedication made a huge difference!  We enjoyed time together through math games and activities.



     STAR Special Thanks to Attorney Mr. Puetz for providing dinner for all of us! We are blessed to have your continuous support!

    Thank you



    Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl - Jan.28(Sat), 2017 : B.C. Team did a great job! Thank you, B.C. team members (Taylor Merriweather, Jaylun Boyd, Kathryn Quackenbush), tbeir parents, and teachers (Mrs. Isaac, Mrs. Frazier, Mrs Johnson) for being there!

    HRRB Collaboration


    Science Fair exhibition opens! Congratulations to all winners! Good job to all participants!

    Science Fair


    PIP Induction Ceremony @ 6:00 pm - Jan.23, 2017 Congratulations to the 2017 Spring PIP Inductees!

    We are proud of you!


    Parents, teachers and staff, thank you for being there to congratulate them.

    All B.C. families, thank you for your continuous encouragement to our PIPs.



    100th Day of School to Celebrate! "We're 100 days Smarter!" Jan. 23, 2017



    1st Grade Teachers



    Thank you for your hard work! The B.C.E. Maintenance Team is everywhere in the building, ensuring the safe and clearn environment for our best learning and teachng. 

    B.C. Maintenance


    Thank you for your dedication! 

    - The school crossing guards recognized for their safety service over 10 years:

    Ms. Rosetta Bussey and Ms. Joan Madison were recognized for their dedication of street safety

    for B.C. community by the RCSS!



    Boxtops - Get more Boxtops!  The benefits come to our school! 



    Dr.Martin Luther King's Birthday activities in class - Dr. Green's 2nd grade class

    *Thank you Dr. Green for providing the videos!

    Attorney Marty Puetz      Johnson Read Aloud

           Attorney Marty Puetz           Ms.Johnson Reading Aloud


    2017-2017 B.C.E. Student Council members!

    'Pennies for Patients' - Let's help blood canser patients! Let's also collect boxtops for our school!

     Student Council


    Fundraiser - Jan. 6, 2017

    Fundraiser Want It, Sell It




    Teachers are ready for the hopeful beginning of 2017! We're blessed and continue to make the best BETTER @ B.C.E.S.!