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    Sept. 28 (Thurds) @5:00 pm - B.C. Curriculum Night (All grades, all teachers, and staff)

    Thank you for being there!

    Special appreciation to Ms. Deborah Harris - Assistant Superintendent Area III-

    and Mrs.Sarah Windley - Program Specialist for Gifted.


    Thank you


     Sept. 27, 2017 - Happy Birthday, Mr.Shields!

    Happy Birthday   watch


    Sept. 27 - Cause & Effect Lesson (Ms. P. Washington)



    Sept. 27Congratulations goe to Rihanna Cummings for being our First Golden Ticket Winner from our School Spirit Sticker Machine. She received a free ice cream certificate to use whenever she likes and a tootsie roll lollipop.



    Sept. 25 (Mon) Teaches-as advisers activities at 1:30.  Every last Monday in the month will be Teachers-as-Advisers day. (Mrs. Williams)


    freeman   Holden


    Sept. 22 (Fri.) - Read Aloud - (Dr. Green) (Ms. Cromartie)

    Read Aloud-1   ReadAloud-2

    watch                       watch


     Sept. 21 (Thurs) - Identifying the Main Idea (Ms. Cromartie)


    Main-Idea     watch

    Sept. 20 (Wed) - Cookie Dough Fundraiser starts! 



    Sept. 19 (Tues) - Parent Volunteer Session (@ 5:00 pm).

    • Thank you, Dr. Green, Ms. England-Tile I-, Mr. Puetz, Mrs. Brown - B.C. Principal, Mr. Shields -assistant Principal Intern!
    • Thank you for all the parents, teachers and staff who were there!   The more info. and a video are coming soon!
    • A Special Thanks to the generous sponsor - Mr. Puetz!!! You have been a GREAT SUPPORTER for years!

     Green  Sponsor

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    Sept. 19 (Tue) - Go Kinder! - Building the Foundation of Reading! - Read aloud with phonics! (Ms. Bryant)




    Sept. 18 (Mon) - Go Kinder! - Building the Foundation of Reading! - Read aloud with Rhyming Words! (Mrs. Heggs)

    Read Aloud K-Standard   watch


    Sept.15 (Fri) - Schoolwide Read In!     Specia Report - watch


    Sept. 10 -Thank you, all teachers and staff who volunteered to help and encourage the evacuees at all sites during the time of distress!

            "Each of us can make a difference! GHMS Shelter Site   5th Team Work watch


    Sept. 1 - Pre-K class - 'Yummy' Practice with Cupcakes - learing how to use forks and follow directions. (Mrs.Gamble & Miss Hall)

    watch Cupcakes  Hands up


    Sept. 1 - 2nd grade class Read Aloud (Dr.Green)

    Dr.Green Student Read Aloud   watch


    2nd Grade "Phonics Fun with Ms.Cromartie!" (Ms.Cromartie)