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    Oct. 19 - Read Aloud - Mr.Puetz visits Dr.Green's class

    Read Aloud

     Oct. 19 (Fri) - Read for the Record - Read Quackers. Let's try Quackers and enjoy actovoties!   LINK form the Author   Link to the PowerPoint



    Oct. Read Aoud in the Media Center -

    Oct.Read Aloud

    Oct. 16 - The exciting Character Pumpkin Fair!  The display will start Oct. 26!  Here are some of the early entries!

     Pumpkin SillyMilly  Cows  Ladybug   

    Thank you for your entries: Ms.Glass, Ms.Bryant, Ms.Brooks, Ms.Brantley, Ms.Wiggleton, Ms.Jarvis, Mr.Holden, Ms.Cochran,

    Dr. Green, Ms.Heggs, Ms.Gamble, Ms. Long, Ms,Brady, Ms.P. Washington, Ms.Cobb, Ms. Bussey, Ms.Freeman!  Please bring yur pumpkins by Oct. 26.


    Oc. 14 - Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Bussey!


    Oct. 13 - Thank you, Mr. Artis Harry - a parennt volunteer for accoutable moments with 2nd graders (Dr. Green) 

    parent volunteer


     Oct. 13 - Tree Planting for Darrell Brown by 2nd and 3rd graders .

    Messages tree


    Do not miss the FUN again this year with a Character Parade! How did we do last year? Watch this video : watch


    Oct. 7 (Sat) - 4th Graders enjoy their STEM field trip to South Caroline. (Thank you, Mrs. Isaac, Ms.Blair and Mrs. Chavis for this opportunity!)

    Watch    STEM Field Trip

    Library Report in September: Q. How did Barton Chapel student read? Q. What is our next step? Watch

    Leading Readers AR   Please send these students to the media center for smakk tokens this week.


    Oct. 5 - Blue Pop's is today! Have fun! Students enjoy musical pieces by Symphony Orchestra Augusta [SOA]. watch

     SOA  blue Pop



    Oct. 5 - B.C. Character Pumpkin Contest starts! See the details LINK.

    Let's participate! (We accept all pumpkins from a class, small group, or individual, etc. Please use the same entry sheet.)


    Oct. 3  - The State Representative Mr. Prince visits to read aloud for pre-K children.  Thank you, Mr. Prince for coming and support us every year!



    Oct. 2 (Mon) - Student Council candidate speech and Photos ..... watch


    • Canned Food Drive message watch