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    "Moving Toward Excellence!"

     More and More to Learn @B.C.E.S.!


     Nov. 27 - Callege and Careers - Teachers-as-Advisors Session -

     watch washingtonP


    Treats for the Best Sellers of Chocolate  (Celebration by Ms.Barnes and Mrs. Elliot)

    Best Sellers Treat


    STREAMING into STEM! -4th Graders presents their STEM weather instrument experients! (Mrs. Isaac)

    instrument3 instrument2 instrument1 Their presentation videos are coming soon!



     Seasonal Greetings from B.C.E.S.! "Be Safe and Enjoy Family Time!" (Thank you, Mrs.Nealious for arranging the stage for celebration!)

    Seasonal Greeting


    Nov. 16 (Thurs) - Native American Lesson - weaving a basket - (Ms. P.Washington)

    weaving a basket   watch


    Nov. 16(Thurs) - Thanksgiving Luncheon - Blessings from Pastor Gamble and Mrs. Gamble. Thank you for all blessing!

    Thanksgiving1   Thanksgiving  


    Nov. 16 (Thurs) - Happy Birthday, Mrs. Brown! We love you!   watch

    Happy Birthday   Happy Birthday


    United Way donation: Thank you for your contribution to the United Way! (from Mrs. Rountree)

    Thank you

    United Way Donation


    Nov. 13 - 17: American Education Week: 'Guess Who?'  - Take a close look at the photos and guess who they are! (from Student Council)

     Student Cpuncil Teacher's child photos


    Nov. 15 -Accountable Talk - watch

    accountable talk


    Thank you for donation to the United Way! (by Mrs. Rountree)

    Thank you


    Nov. 15 - Thanksgiving Luncheon for Students and Families - Parents and families, Thank you for coming!

     watch Thanksgiving


     Blue Pop's Day!



    Nov. 13 - Teacher Advisory Session:Thank you for your career exploration!

    Freeman class   Long  Watch



    Nov. 9 (Thurs) - 4th Grade Vs. 5th Grade Kickball Tournament!

    kick ball

     Nov. 2 (Thurs) - Perfect Attendance Celebration  watch


    Character Pumpkin Parade -  Oct. 31. Thank you for all who took time to create character pumpkins! watch

    Thank you to Johnson S; Johnson E; Stone; Bussey; Freeman; Cochran; Cromartie; Isaac; Brantley; Gamble; Long; Gamble; P. Washington' O. Washington' Wiggleton; Glass; Frazier; Holden; Cobb; Jarvis; and Brooks.