• Read Let's Take a glance at Barton Chapel in March, 2018 red2  

     "Moving Toward Excellence!"


    March 27 (Tue) -Volunteer meeting and Curriculum Night. Thank you for all who were there and thank you, Mr. Puetz for refreshments!




    March 26 (Mon) - Teachers-As-Advisors College/Career Presentation about a Path to a Cosmetologist by the 3rd - 5th grade students.

    (Thank you, Mrs. Brady, Ms.P.Washington, and Mrs. Blair. Thank you, Ms. Williams.) watch



    March 26 (Mon) - Teachers-As-Advisors College/Career

    March 23 (Fri) - Fly higher and higher! (4th graders)

    kites  Kites


    March 19 (Mon) Augie celebrates our reading resolution! Let's make a home run, go and see the baseball game for FREE!


    March 16 (Fri) - 1st Gade habitat project! watch



    March 12 (Mon) - Teacher-Advisory Session watch

    murrells class


    March 8 (Tue) - The 1st grade and 3rd grade earlt birds check out Goosebumps and Captain Underpants. Let's nurture Love of Reading!




    March 2 (Fri) - Read Across America - Volunteers from Target, Mrs.Stone from GHHS and her students, and B.C. Students Council members, and all other volunteers, thank you for coming to read stories!     watch


    TargetVolunteers GHHS_Readers

                                      Target Volunteer Readers                                           Mrs. Stone from GHHS and her students 

                                                                                                                          Message from GHHS


     March 1 (Thurs) -Read Across America presentation by Drama students! (Thank you, Mrs. Jefferson and her students!)

    watch Drama

    The video is coming soon.


    March 1 (Thurs)  -Black History Class Presentation (Let's see how some classes presented their Black History researches and studies.)



    March 1 (Thurs) - Read Across America - Crazy hat day

    •  Rhyming Contest - We are rhyming! Thank you, Kindergarten students! (Mrs. Heggs and ms. Jarvis)rhyming kinder ryming kinder2