• summer  Let's Take a glance at Barton Chapel in August 2018   Sunflower

     "Moving Toward Excellence!"



    Aug. 31 (Fri)  Celebrate the Labor Day on Sept. 3! Thank you for all you do every day! Mrs. Heggs and Mrs. Walker's kindergarten class made the card and send you the greeting and appreciation!

    Celebrate Labor Day card



    Aug. 30 (Thurs) Back to School Dance  @ 3:30 pm.  Thank you for being there at the Back to School Dance! 


    Thank you, Mrs. Bailey for organizing the program!  We enjoyed!

    Thank you,  teachers and staff who were there to support the dance!



    Aug. 28 (Tue) - Parent Volunteer Workshop @10:00 am and @ 5:00 pm. Thank you, Mrs, Willaims!

    Parent Volunteer


    Aug. 28 (Tue) - C.H.A.M.P.S started! 



    Aug. 23 (Thurs) -"Dynamic"  Read Aloud by Mrs.Bailey (academic Support Specialis) for the 2nd Grade and 4th Grade

                                                                                                     **  Mrs. Bailey's Read Aloud Model video is coming soon! **

    Bailey_2nd_Words in a Book   Bailey

    Book and the Words in a Story



    Aug. 22 (Wed) @ 1:30 pm On-Site Professional Learning  

    Watch           watch                watch

         by Mrs. D. Williams                        by Mrs. Baily                               by Mr. Warthen                  


    Fun Ice Breaker Activities!                      Video about "Finding  Animal Families"    watch  


    Final Artifacts

    Group1   Group2   Group3   Group4

    Group5    Group6



    Aug.13 (Mon) Let's visit Mrs.Glass' 3rd Grade class!  See how a simple ball turns into an amazing tool to help students focus on academics!


     Stability Balls Stability Balls


    Aug. 8 (Wed) Let's visit the 2nd Grade class - Dr. Green's class for Read Aloud!   watch



    August 3, 2018: Open House @ 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm. See you there!


    August 2, 2018: Faculty Meeting @9:00



    August 1, 2018: Celebration of the Milestone Score Improvement @ TCM from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm.

    Congratulations, Barton Chapel Students!!

         Dr.Pringle Lunch-with-Dr.Pringle

                                                                                          Our   Achievement!



    July 31, 2018:  Welcome Meeting for Pre-Planning. Welcomr Back to School! @ 9:00 am-