• summer  Let's Take a glance at Barton Chapel in September 2018   Sunflower

     "Moving Toward Excellence!"


    More pictures are coming!! P.I.P. girls 2018-2019 (From Mrs. Barnes)  and B.C. Angelic Dance Team (Coaches: Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. D. Williams; Advisors: Mrs. P. Washington and Mrs. T. Blair).


    Sept.26 (Wed) - B.C. Student Council member Meeting @ 1:00 pm

    Student Council meeting


    Sept. 25 (Tue) - A Title I Annual Meeting @5:00 - 6:00 pm.

    Thank you for being there!   watch

    Fun Ice Breaker with Parents


    title I




     Sept. 25 (Tue) - A volunteer visits a 2nd grade class! LINK



    Sept. 24 (Mon) - Teachers-are-advisors session - 1st graders talked about the "cafeteria expectation."

    A video is here: LINK

    1st Grade



    Sept. 20 (Thurs) Digger Dog safety presentation




    Sept. 15 - Oct. 15: National Hispanic Heritage month



    Sept. 19 - Professional Learning session!

    PL PL-2



    Sept. 14 (Fri) - Schoolwide Read In! Report is here. Congratulations!! The Top 10 MyOn Digital Readers are HERE!

    3rdGrade  3rd  2nd  readers


    pk-1  2-5





    Sept. 10(Mon) - Student Council Candidates Speech * The election is tomorrow.

    Thank you for all candidates and Mrs. Williams!

    1. Anaiyah Johnson      2.Larion Clegg       3.Heavenly Turner      4.Malcolm Tate       5.Lindon West      6. Mrs. Williams



    Sept. 7 (Fri) -Grand Parent's Day - Thank you for coming!!    watch

    Your grandchildren are OUR grandchildren!




    Sept. 5 (Wed) -"Welcome back and Happy Recovery, Mrs. Nealious!!"

    Mrs. Nealious also received her birthday gift from Mrs. Stone. "Congratulations!"

    HappyRecovery *Thank you for those who contributed.



    Sept. 3 (Mon)  Celebrate the Labor Day on Sept. 3! Thank you for all you do every day! Mrs. Heggs and Mrs. Walker's kindergarten class made the card and send you the greeting and appreciation!

    Celebrate Labor Day card