• November  Let's Take a glance at Barton Chapel in November 2018  turkey  

     "Moving Toward Excellence!"


    Nov. 29 (Thurs) - Read Aloud and Activities about The Relatives Came  - The Principal's Book for November.  Watch Video HERE. watch

    clark  Heggs  



    Nov. 27 - Augusta Firefighters previsited our class. They are coming back on Dec. 12!



    Nov. 26 - Teachers-are -Advisors Session: Assembly Expectation

    watch   5th grade  


    Nov.26 - Fundraiser: Let's sell the World Finest Chocolate! (starts on Nov.27 - Dec.11)  



    Nov.16 (Fri)  - Parade "Celebrating Our School Community." 

    watch parade

     Thank you to all for celebrating this week for American Education and our school community.

    Special thanks go to Mrs. Bailey, who organized this program with so much fun-filled activities and highlighting the importance of reading now

    to connect our future.

    Special thanks also go to Ms.Williams, who emphasized the connection between the present time and the future in careers, and

    to Pastor Gamble and his church for blessing of thanksgiving luncheon, and

    Mr. Dunn for conducting the program while Ms.Bailey was sick.

    All teachers, staff, and volunteers, thank you for actively participating and making this week so special to our students!  


    Nov. 16 (Fri) Parent Volunter Workshop by Ms.G. Williams.  Thank you, parents! You are making a difference!


    Nov. 16(Fri)  -Pastor Gamble and his church bless us with Thanksgiving luncheon!


    Nov.16(Fri) - Congratulations! Picture Coloring Winners for Kindergarten and Pre-K levels!

    PK Winners   Kinder Winners


    Nov. 15 (Thurs) - Congratulations, Mrs. Long's homeroom for collecting 419 canned food! You wond the banana split!





    Nov. 15 (Thurs) - Career Day - "Your Future Begins at the Chapel!"

    watch   Carewer-Day  

    Nurse - Ms.Thomas


    Nov. 15 (Thurs) - Explore our community - People who work with Transportation!





    Nov. 15 (Thurs) - Thanksgiving Luncheon with Parents

    Thank yu for coming! Please have safe and soud holidays!

    Luncheon     watch



    Nov. 14 (Wed) - Community Read In(all grades)  and Essay Contest(3rd-5th grades)

       Thank you, Mr.Marbury for coming and reading aloud for a kindergarten class!

       Congratulations to the winners of the Essay Contest!   watch

    Mr.Marbury Reading   Essay Contest


    Nov. 13(Tue) - American Education Week @ BCES. 

    1stgrade chant   GHHS Cheer  


    watch   Education Chants - Thank you for participating! 

     watch The GHHS band video - Thank you for coming!!

    watch Education Chant by Pre-K

    Special Thanks to the Glenn Hills High School band and Cheer Leaders! Thank you, Ms. Bailey for arranging this and all other events for this special week!



    Nov. 6(Tue) - "Measure with appropriate measureing tools:MGSE2.MD.1" - Math Work Session! (Thank you, Ms. Cromartie!) watch

    MGSE2.MD.1   measuring  



    Nov. 13 - 16 - American Educatyion week + Thanksgiving Read Aloud @ the Media Center. Please sign in!



    Nov. 5 (Mon) - Tech. Training by Mr. Bradley. Thank you, teachers for being there on time!

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