• snowman     Let's Take a glance at Barton Chapel in December 2018  christmas

     "Moving Toward Excellence!"



    Dec.20 (Thurs)  - Lunch time is FUN again! Gift Giving and Hot Chocolate!

       Thank you for this SWEET fun in the lunch time!

    Gifts Hot Chocolate Love Hot Chocolate


    Dec. 20 (Thurs) - 3rd Grade made a song  - Break, Move, Drop about the Rock Cycle Process! (Science Education)   watch

         3rdGradeRock Song  3rdGrade Teachers  

                  All 3rd Grade participated.                                 Mrs.Chavis (ELA); Mrs. Glass(Math); Ms.D.Williams (SC & SS)



    Dec. 19 (Wed) - Christmas Program  @5:30 pm  "Thank you for coming!" 

    Thank you for all teachers, staff, and parents who worked to organize this program!


    Christmas Sweater   Dance


    Dec. 19 - Drink Apple Cider and Get a Backpack!  watch



    Dec. 19 (Wed) - Principal's Book for December - Reading Activities



    Dec. 19 - Congratulations!  ALL students have read at least two books in MyOn @ B.C. E.

    See our goals for 2019!




    Dec. 19 (Wed) Drink Apple Cider, Get a Backpack! (Limited Time Offer!)   




    Dec. 18 (Tue) - Read Aloud - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

    Read Aloud



    Dec. 18 (Thue) Happy Birthday, Mrs. Brantley!



    Dec. 17 (Mon) @ 1:30 pm - Teachers-Are-Advisors Session - Wrap Up teh Hallway Expectations by watching a video.



    Dec. 17(Mon) - Fund Raiser - to the trip to Washington D.C!

    Fund Raiser


    Dec. 14 (Fri) - Perfect Attendance Celebration! - Come and get icecream treats!

    Congratulations_PerfectAttendance watch


    De. 13 (Thurs) Academic Quiz Bowl   - The winning team: Mrs. Brady's 4th Grade Class!

     Grand Champion



    Dec. 12 (Wed) - C.H.A.M.P.S. graduation - Congratulations, to all 5th graders!



    Dec. 11 (Tues) - Retired Msgt. Mr. Leonard Green shared the accountable moment with Guys-in-Ties.

    Msgt. Green, thank you for supporting our boys! You are making a difference to them!

    watch   Sgt.Green





    Dec.6 - Spelling Bee

    watch   Contestants  top  



    Dec. 6 - 5th Grade Project - Stduent Work Display by Mrs. Isaac

    watch   Science Project Science Project


    Dec. 4 - Read Aloud - Mrs. Heggs' Kindergarten class

    Mrs. Heggs_Read Aloud


    Elf Finders! Mrs. Chavis (Dec. 3), Mrs. Barnes (Dec.4), Mrs. Randolph (Dec.5), Mrs. Isaac (Dec.6), Mrs. Stone(Dec.7) and Ms. Walker(Dec.11)! Congratulations!

    Chavis_Elf   Barnes_Elf   Randolph_Elf Isaac_Elf


    walker-Elf  ElfFinder Heggs

    P.Washington  Butler_Elf   Mikel_Elf Clark_Elf







    Dec. 3 - 7 - Book FairThank you, Mrs. Barnes for Volunteering!

    Volunteer at Book Fair


     Congratuations! Here are the Leading MyOn Readers!



    Dec. 3 - 7 - Book Fair starts!