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     "Moving Toward Excellence!"


    Feb. 28 (Thurs)  "Black History is Our History" Program. Teachers, parents, students, and all other visitors, thank you for coming!

    Ms. Bailey and all other people who helped, THANK YOU!!


    watch  Watch the B.C. Dancing Team's great performance!

    watch Watch our Talented Students' Black History Notable Fugures' Speeches!

    blk history

     watch                                                 watch


    Our African Dresses!

    African Dresses  

     Black History Class Project (Thank you, Ms.Cromartie!)


    Feb. 28 (Thurs) - Black History Program is coming tomorrow @ 9:00 am!



    Feb. 27 (Wed) - Science Project display in the Gym - Congratulations for the Winners and all participants!

    watch   Science Project


    Feb. 22 (Fri) @ 1:00 pm Black History Trivia Quiz Bowl @ Media Center for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

    Congratulations to Ms. P. Washington's 5th grade team! Thank you, Mrs. Baily for organizing this!


    BLK History QB  Winner


    Feb. 22 (Fri) - Math Competition


    Feb. 15 (Fri) - Teacher & Staff PL day - Happy PL - Appreciation to ALL you have done!  (Thank you, Ms. Bailey for this fun activity!)

    Feb.15 PL


    Feb. 14 (Thurs) - Celebrating Guys-in-Ties for wearing the proper outfit this week! We are proud of you!



     Feb. 13 (Wed) - Pretty'n Pearls girls are making Valentine's Day cards

    Valentine Card


    Feb. 12 (Tue) - Faculty & Staff 'Good Southern Soul Food' Luncheon! "Everyone is Welcome!"

    (Thank you for organizing this great meal, Ms. Bailey!)


     watch  SouldFoodLuncheon


    Feb.12 (Tue) - Try our new Strawberry Gelatin-Coated Green Pears!  watch

    Ms. Dunbar Ms.Cooper, and all B.C. lunchroom staff, thank you for the new Recipe! You are INNOVATIVE!!

    StrawberryGelatin  Bite




    Feb.8 (Fri) - Evening with Dad  @6:00 pm.  Thank you for being there! All volunteers, teachers, staff and parents who were there, THANK YOU!! You made a huge difference to each girl @ B.C.E.!

     evening with dad  watch


    Feb. 6 (Wed) Blak History Month-related books are on Parade in the media center. Check them out now!

    Watch   BLKHis_Books


    Kindergarten Black History Display (Thank you, Mrs. Heggs and Ms.Walker!! Thank you, Ms. Rountree!!)

    watch  KinderHall



    Feb. 4 (Mon) - Gifted Class makes a plastic Lung to model how air is inhaled/exhaled. (Ms. McNeail)

    Plastic Lung-Gifted


    Feb.4 (Mon) - Welcome back, Mrs. Brantley and Ms. Nealious!!  Good to see you BACK!

    watch                                               watch

    Brantley  Nearious  


    Feb.1 (Fri) - Bus Evacuation Drill - Safety is importat!

    Bus Evacuation Drill


     Feb.1 (Fri) - World Read Day : Glenn Hills High School, thank you for coming to read aloud the books for us!

     Kinder   PK



    Feb. 1 (Fri) - 1st & 2nd Semesters perfect attendees are here!

    perfect attendance


    Feb. 1(Fri) - Supporting Positive School Environment - from Lunchroom!  

                             Say "THANK YOU!" -  Let's show your appreciation to them when receiving your lunch today!