• flower  Let's Take a Look at B.C.E. in March, 2019 spring

     "Moving Toward Excellence!"


    March 29 (Fri) - Yum, yum, SWEET Geography Plate! - Mrs. Cochran's 1st Grade Class

    final Sweet Geography





    March 29 (Fri) - 92.7% Goal (13-book readers) Attainment- There are 33 students who did not meet the goal of 13 books to read today.

    Those names and grades are shared with their homeroom teachers and administrators to take care of in a timely manner.

    The remedial goal for those 33 stduents: Read 14 books by April 5. All 

                                                  Read In MyOn High achievers (over 400 books each student!)



    March 29 (Fri) - Reach the 3rd base goal! - just a week before the homerun!

         Teachers, please let Mrs.Turner know how many homeruns you have in your homeroom after April 5.

    Green Jackets Goals


    March 28 (Thurs)  - Instructions and learning! 2nd Grade by Dr. Green



    March 25 - Teachers are Advisors Session - Thank you, all students and teachers!

    - A lot of learning and explorations! 5th graders learned about tax collectors, 1st grade learned about archeologists, dentists, firefighters, etc. 


    watch         watch


    March 19 (Tue) - Title I and Curriculum Night @ 5:00 pm

    - Thank you for ALL parents, students, teachers, and staff who CAME to SUPPORT US!!

    - Special appreciation goes to Dr. Green, Ms. Bailey, attorney Mr. Puetz, B.C. administrators, and B.C. cheerleaders.

    * All the food and refreshments were from Mr. Puetz's donation! (His continuous and ample support is our bless!)

    Dr.Green and Mr.Puetz

     March 19  March19-2019




    March 18 (Mon) - Thank you for creating the sign in the lunchroom! Mrs. Fisher - teh RCSS Nutrition Department -  thnak you for your visits and the 'Hot Breakfast" sign!

    We love all the special events and nutritious staff you boosted us with!!

     Lunchroom Staff with Ms.Fisher


    March 15 (Fri) - Kindergarten Great Work!!




    March 8 (Fri) - Book Chapacter Activity! Thank you for all students and teachers who prepared for this activity!

    *The program changed, but we appreciate to YOU ALL for what you read!

                                              watch                                                     watch

                             Ms. Clark                                                                                       Mrs. Cromartie                                     

     Clark-Butler-March8-2019    March 8-Cromartie  

    Mrs. Marbury   watch





    March 7(Thurs) Read Aloud readers visits for quality reading! Thank you for all volunteer readers!!

    Read Aloud & Sceince Experiment Presentation by Southern Nuclear in Waynesboro, GA is here watch

    SC Standards-Related Read Aloud


    Reader  Kinder-Mr.Marbury  Mrs.Stone-Kinder  

    4th grade-Ms.Barnes  Ms. Walker-daughter

    watch           watch


    March 7 -Greenjackets mascot - Auggie visits B.C.E. to confirm our strong, united RESOLUTION to READ! 

     Auggie  Auggie-2


    March 7 (Thirs) Polka Dot Parfait

       Breakfast-March7 watch


    March 6 (Wed) - Wear the tackiest outfut  and a School Supplies Winner!

     Tackiest  march 6 Winner-March 6  


    March 4 - 8 - 'Read Across America' - Read Aloud  @ Media Center

                       - Ms. Heggs' and Ms. Walker's Kindergarten class and Mrs.Cochran's 1st grade class, Thank you for coming!

    ReadAloud  1st Grade-Cochran


    March 5 (Tue) Wear like Twins!           


     Thing 1 and Thing 2  WInner-March5  

                                                                                                                     A la carte Dollar Winner


    March 4 (Mon) Read Across America week starts1 - Wear Foxy Socks "Fox in Socks"   A prize winner!

    Fox in Socks  Winner-March4

                                                                                         AMC Movie Gift Card Winner


    March 1 (Fri) MyOn Schoolwide Read In - Running Top Dr. Green's Leading Readers!!

    MyOn TOP


    March 1 (Fri)  Pre-"Read Across America" Class Activities!

    1. Read Aloud - Thank you for visiting us! Readers from the RCSS Curriculum Dept. visits us - Ms. Gladys Hamilton (3rd Grade Mrs. Chavis' class) and Ms. Rhonda Mathis (Kinder Mrs. Clark's class)  

    Read Aloud-3rd  Read Aloud-Kinder  

    2.  Lesson on Dr. Seuss' Hats (Ms.Clark's Kindergarten)

    Read Across America


    March 1(Fri) - Kick Off!   Pre-"Read Across America" week Breakfast!     "Green Eggs and Ham"

    - "The Cat in the Hat" Day - Wear stripes.

    march1-Breakfast     watch