• golf  Let's take a glance at B.C.E.S. in April 2019 butteflies

    This is how we are "Moving Toward Excellence!"



    April 30 (Tue) - The Night of the Arts - Our STEAM talents and arts performance Show Off!


    B.C. presents the Night of the Arts



    April 29 (Mon) - Ga Milestones Pep Rally  watch

    Knock Down the Milestones  

    Pledge              3rd Grade Pep      4th Grade Pep   5th Grade Pep

     watch      watch  watch    watch                            



    April 26 (Fri) - Field Day! Have Fun Safely and Fairly!! PK,Kinder,1st & 2nd Grades (9:00 am-11:00am)watch

    PK  Kinder  

    1stGrade  2nd Grade  

    Field Day! Have Fun Safely and Fairly!! 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades (12:00 pm-2:00 pm) 

     3rd   4th    

     food  5th    


    April 25 (Thurs) - Hurrah, Do Your VERY BEST on the Milestones!

    - Message from Dr. Green's 2nd grade Class to ALL students who are taking the Milestones next week.

    watch  Hurrah



    April 22 (Mon) More Home Runners!

    Mrs. Long's Class - 6 home runners!   Ms.Williams' class - one home runner!  Mrs. Carlie's class -one home runner!

    home runners  Home Runner  Carlie-1


    April 18 - The Green Jackets Home Runners - Congratulations!

                                              100% completion from Mrs. Clark's and Ms. Butler's Kindergarten class!

    Home Runners



    April 18 - FUN 3D STEM problem-solving project! Thank you, Mrs. Isaac for this FUN activity!





    April 17 - Teacher Tech. Training - Skype -  Let's try a virtual trip, and expand the opportunity for our students to meet new people in a new areas and even other countries!

    Thank you, Ms.T. Oliver - The RCSS Instructional Tech. Specialist!



    April 16 - Ms. Rountree - a daughter of Mrs. A. Rountree and a Children's Picture Book author came and shared reading aloud with all Kindergarten classes. Ms.Rountree also teaches E.S.O.L. class. 

    Mr.and Mrs.Rountree   watch  






    April 4 (Thurs) - SURPRIZE!!              watch


    Thank you, Mrs. Brown and Mr. Shields for leading B.C.E.S. this year and we love you!

    Thank you