• graduation  Let's see what's happening @ B.C.E.S. in May, 2019 Hot Sun

     "Moving Toward Excellence!"


     Continue to Read, Think, and Write this summer. 


    May 28 (Tue) - Teachers and Staff, thank you for all you did!

                                    Pastor Gamble and his family provided lunch for all of us!

    Luncheon   Luncheon


     May 24 (Fri) - Last day of school for 2018-2019 school year!

    Enjoy safe summer and come back in August!

    Congratulations!  Ga Milestones 5th Grade Math Highest Achiever - Jamari Sinquefield with his Teacher, Ms.P.Washington

    Highest Math

    5th grade ELA Highest: Jveon Sullivan

    3rd Garde Highest: Michael Brockington

    3rd Grade Highest: Gabrielle Shoats


    May 23 - Retirement Banquet  - Congratulations to Dr. Green and Mrs. Isaac for your happy exciting retirement!    Thank you for your dedication over 30 years! 

    watch  Retirement-Dr.Green  



    May 22 (Wed) -Award ceremony for 4th grade - Congratulations!

    watch   4th



    - P.I.P Ceremony @ 5:00 pm -

                   Thank you for all who were there to congratulate! You made a huge difference!

    PIP   watch


    May 22 (Wed) - Award Ceremonies: 3rd Grade @ 9:00 am and 4th Grade @ 5:00 pm

    3rd Grade  watch


    May 21 (Tue) - Award Ceremonies: 1st Grade @9:00 am, 2nd Grade @ 1:00 pm

    Grade 1  watch

    Award-2nd Grade   watch



     May 20 (Mon) -Kindergarten students in Mrs. Heggs' and Ms.Walker's receive free books!

    - Thank you, Mrs. Bailey for ample donation! Without you, we would never received these books!


    watch   Thank you for Books



     May 20 (Mon) - Award Ceremonies:  Pre-Kinder  @9:00 am & Kinder @ 1:00 pm

                                                                  - Parents, thnak you for coming and sharing this special moments!

    watch    Kinder

    watch                                                        watch   watch-Song  Fun signing!




    May 16 - Luncheon -served by the custodial & Lunchroom Staff!  Thank you for delicious lunch!



    May 16 : Summer Reading Journal - from Barnesd & Noble - Our New Partner!    "Read eight books and get a free book!"

      [Special Deal just for B.C. Students from Barnes & Noble] When you go to drop off your journal at the store, *Ms.Tyler will make a note and put your name in a drawing for a prize. She will drop the prize off at the school for you once you are back.

     *Ms.Tyler is the Barnes & Noble representative who came to B.C.E. to speak to teachers about the exciting events, offers, and programs on May 9. 

    Let's say hello and thank you to Mrs. Tyler!

    Read-1st Grade  

     watch  Summer Reading Journal Promotion Video

    - Thank you for this opportunity, Barnes & Noble - our Reading Support  partner!!


    May 1 - 15 : Georgia Milestones  - we finished it smoothly!

    Students, thank you for taking on time and doing your best.

    Teachers and staff, thank you for administering the test and supervising students.



    May 12 - love Happy Mother's Day - Ms.Heggs' & Ms.Walker's Kinder made Happy Mother's Day cards!  love



    May 6 - 10: love Teacher Appreciation Week!  love


    watch May 10 Red Carpet - 'Super Star Teachers'   love        

    watch   Hot Messages from Students!  love



    thank you


    May 6-10:  - 5th graders take the Ga Milestones.

     - Book Fair (open to all students after the announcement from the main office that the test is done.)

    Book Fair


    May 1 (Wed) - The first day of Milestones (3rd Grade)

    Let's sign on the pledge!


    pledge-3rd  pledge-4th  pledge 5th