• Below, I outline some classroom policies and procedures that you may find to helpful.

    • Class Rules and Expectations- My classroom rules are very simple and straightforward. I have many incentives in place for students who follow rules and complete work! 😊 In order for all students to LEARN, they are expected to:

    Class Rules  

    If all students follow these simple rules, everyone can be successful in the classroom.


    • Class DOJO- All parents are strongly encouraged to create a free Class DOJO account. Once I provide you with a code to connect with our class, you will be able to see your child’s progress throughout the day, receive reminders about assignments/ school events, and easily message teachers. Because we use this tool daily in the classroom to record your child’s conduct, it is the quickest way to get in touch with us if you need to.


    • Communication- Open communication is very important for your child’s academic success. If there is a circumstance that will affect your child’s attendance/preparedness/behavior/performance etc, please let me know. I realize that life happens, so I try to be as understanding as possible but I can’t make accommodations unless I am aware of what is going on.


    • Contact Information-
            1.  Class DOJO: PREFERRED
    • If you are unable to create a DOJO account, I can be reached in a variety of other ways:

      1. Email: delarkr@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
      2. Phone: 706-796-4944 This is the number to the front office. If I am in class, I will return your call either during planning or after school, whichever comes first.
      3. Conference: I am available for conferences during planning and after dismissal. Occasionally, we have grade level meetings/trainings/etc during these times, so please schedule these ahead of time rather than just stopping by to avoid conflicts.


      **Richmond Co. is making extra efforts to keep our schools safe. Because of this policy, visitors will not be permitted into the school without showing an ID and a getting a visitor’s pass. If you need to speak to your child during the school day, office staff will call them up to see you at the front. If you would like to observe your child in the classroom, I would be happy to set up a time in advance for you to do that, but no drop-ins please--- the SAFETY of our students is #1.

    • Grading Policy- Students’ work will be graded based on the standard alpha-numeric scale (A= 90-100, B= 80-89, etc). The following is a breakdown of the percentage of each assignment type.
      1. Projects- 30%
      2. Tests- 25%
      3. Classwork- 20%
      4. Quizzes- 15%
      5. Homework- 10%
    • Make Up Work- When students are absent, they are responsible for providing an excuse (for your convenience, you may also submit this through Class DOJO) and for making up any missed work. According to the handbook, they have one week to complete make-up work.