• Welcome to Mrs. Varner’s Second Grade Class!

    A Note to Families

    Welcome to Second Grade! We have incredibly high academic and behavioral expectations for our students and hope that you do, too! Students will learn new things everyday so do not be afraid to ask your child what he or she learned in school.  We want to work with you, so please keep us informed if there is ever a special tip or information you would like to share with us about your child. After all, nobody knows him or her better than you do!

    Thank you for your support and I look forward to an amazing year!

                                -Mrs. Varner

    Student Backpack and Binder

    Please make sure that your child comes to school each day with his/her backpack and binder. I strongly believe that students must learn responsibility by managing their binders. We recommend you and your child review school work and other pieces of communication on a daily basis. It is very helpful to have a backpack large enough to easily accommodate papers, books, and their binder.


    Classroom Communication and Behavior

    As second graders, your child will be responsible for writing down their homework, messages and spelling words each week. They will have a calendar in their binder for important dates and activities. We use class dojo for behavior. Please download the app and enter your parent code. We can also send messages to each other without giving out our cell numbers. If you send me a message and I don’t reply (most of the time with ok), please assume I did not receive it.

    Homework and Grading

    Homework is sent home on the first day of the week and is due on Friday. Please help your child with this daily, if possible, and encourage him or her to complete the work at a consistent time that works for your family. Routine is key! In addition to that homework, students read for a minimum of 20 minutes at home each night.



    Second grade is the most important year! I cannot stress this enough. We move at a quicker pace. Please make sure that your child is at school daily. If your child is sick, please send a note back with the child when he or she returns. If your child is absent 3 days or more in a row, please send a doctor’s excuse.


    It is imperative that your child arrives to school on time. Please make sure that your child is not tardy as the first hour of the day is the most important. Thank you for helping your child stay on schedule. Class times are 8:15 to 3:15. Car riders and walkers will meet parents out front in the car line.. Please DO NOT pick up your child near the buses, as it leaves room for injury and accidents. Please note that school staff cannot send your child home with someone else for play dates etc. unless we have written permission from you.  Students may arrive at 7:45am for breakfast. Dismissal is 3:15. 


    You may bring cupcakes, juice, or treat bags for your child’s birthday during lunch hours. Our lunch is 11:05 – 11:35am.


    If you would like to go on field trips, help out at the school in the classroom, or eat
    lunch with your child, you must have a volunteer card. If you would like to get your
    volunteer card, please let me know. 




    If your child has an inhaler or EpiPen, please make sure to your doctor fill out the Administer Medication form and turn it into the nurse. NO child is allowed to have an inhaler or EpiPen on them unless it is approved by the doctor.




    Please join the school PTA for $5. It helps the school by providing money so we can have school dances and other fun things.


    Dress Code


    Girls are to wear shorts and skirts that go to the knee. They are not allowed to wear leggings and spaghetti strapped shirts.


    Boys: if their shirt is long, please show them how to tuck it in.



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    Elizabeth Varner
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    Tutoring: Wednesday 3:15pm - 4:15pm (parents must pick up)