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    Classroom Procedures & Expectations

    The overarching expectation in this class is RESPECT: respect for yourself, respect for other students, respect for the teacher/or any individual in authority, and respect for any guests that may enter our class. Although this encompasses all other expectations, I will outline several others for the sake of clarity.

    1. Always Try YOUR BEST!!!  I will not settle for anything but your best!! 
    2. Have the “I can do it” attitude!  Stick to It and Don’t Give Up!
    3. Always remain SEATED and PREPARED. 
    4. Bring ALL materials to class DAILY.
    5. Every student is responsible for helping to maintain a clean, safe learning environment.  Your area must always remain CLEAN.  The floor should be clear of trash, paper, and personal belongings. 
    6. Adhere to all policies, rules, and regulations outlined in the student handbook, and Richmond Hill K-8 Norms.
    7. Always listen to the teacher