Course Description and Objectives


    This is a continuing course, in a sequence of courses, designed to provide students with a rigorous program of study in first grade. Students will understand number sense, adding and subtracting within 100, word problems, composing and decomposing 2d and 3d shapes, comparing objects, living things, weather/seasons, light and sound, magnets, matter, story elements, comparing texts, comparing and contrasting characters, location, historical figures, economics, character traits, and landforms.



    Unit/Concept Names


    Language Arts: Phonics, Compare/Contrast characters, Story elements, Main Idea, Comparing Texts

    Math: Students in first grade will extend the count sequence, develop place value understanding, use part-whole strategies to add and subtract, create and describe patterns to develop algebraic reasoning, reason with measurement of time and objects, reason with shapes and their attributes, and answer real-life questions using data and statistical reasoning.

    Science : Weather/Seasons, Living Things, Light/Sound, Magnets, Matter

    Social Studies: Location, Historic Figures, Economics, Character Traits, Landforms


    Course Assessment Plan


    Students will receive a variety of assignments designed to enhance their learning. If a student is absent, the student is responsible for the missed assignment. Students who have an excused absence will be allowed five days to turn in the missed assignment. No work will be accepted after five days.


    Evaluation  (Schoolwide Grading Policy)


    All subjects are graded on a 1-4 Rubric Scale: 

    ND- Not Demonstrated

    NA- Not available



    3- Mastered

    4- Exceeds



    Classroom Procedures & Expectations

    The overarching expectation in this class is RESPECT: respect for yourself, respect for other students, respect for the teacher/or any individual in authority, and respect for any guests that may enter our class. Although this encompasses all other expectations, I will outline several others for the sake of clarity.

    1. Always TRY YOUR BEST!!!  I will not settle for anything but your best!! 
    2. Have the “I can do it” attitude!  Stick To It and Don’t Give Up!
    3. Remain SEATED and PREPARED at all times. 
    4. Bring ALL the materials to class DAILY.
    5. Every student is responsible for helping to maintain a clean, safe learning environment.  Your area must remain CLEAN at all times.  The floor should be clear of trash, paper, and personal belongings. 
    6. Adhere to all the policies, rules, and regulations outlined in the student handbook, and W.S. Hornsby  Norms.
    7. Listen to the teacher at all times



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