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    September 2019

     "Moving Toward Excellence!"


     Sept. 27 (Fri): Pre-Kinder classes are appricated for their participation in the Milk Day.

    The nutrition staff bring them cookies for appreciation. watch


    PK-Bussey  PK-Gamble



     Sept. 27 (Fri): Shake'n make BUTTER! Pre-Kinder students make butter out of whipping cream. (Post lesson after their Firld tip to the farm on Sept. 26): Thank you, Mrs. Gable.



    Sept. 27 (Fri): Student Council Officer candidates' speaches - Voting will be Oct.1.


    *From left to right Names and the positions are as follows.

    Sariah Danvers (secretary): Kaliah Dennis(secretary); Niyonna Rhose (treasurer): Ry'khia Scott(vice president)

    De'Zari Payne (Persident): Rodriquez Hall (President)



    Sept. 26 (Thurs): Pre-Kinder visits the farm! Photos are coming soon. 

    Sept. 25 (Wed): Baking Waffles - Pre-Kinder

        - Thank you, Mrs. Bussey and Ms. Hamilton for Family & Home Consumer Science lesson!



    Sept. 25 (Wed) : Thank you, High Rollerz Motorcycle Club for ample donations!

    Thank you, Mr. Marbury for supporting us! 

     Motorcycle Club


    Sept. 25 (Wed) : Grandparent's Day & World Milk Day 

    - We appreciate to our grandparents and celebrate school milk!  Thank you, Mr. Dunn and Ms. Cooper for inviting B.C. parents and grandparents to our lunch. Thank you, all visitors for coming!

    Grandparent-1  GrandPa  GrandPa-2

    Cooper-MilkDay  Cooper_Brown  Lunchroom-Staff-Cows

    Mooing Cows in the lucnroom! Thank you, our FABULOUS lunchroom staff!

    Thank you, Ms.Cooper - Lunchroom manager - for your FANTASTIC cow suit!



    Sept. 24 (Tue) :World School Milk Campaign - Mrs. Clark's kindergarten class made cows!

    cows   we made Cows

     coloringCows  coloringCows2  


     Sept. 20 (Fri): World School Milk Campaign starts!

    Question1  Prize  5thGradeWinners_Q1  

    Trivia Question 1:                                          Get the treat!                          Winners - 5th Grade



    Sept. 19 (Thurs): 811 Digger Dog Utility Safety Presentation (Science-Related electricity safety)

    DiggerDog  Dancing_with_Digger_Dog

    Thank you, Mrs. Chavis for dancing with the safety Digger Dog! You are FABULOUS! 



    Sept. 18 (Wed) : Ready for the World School Milk Campaign?


    cows-1  kinder


    Sept. 18 (Wed): Congratulations 2019 B.C.E.Drum Troop!

    drum troop


    Sept. 27 (Tue): Forenic Science in Ms. McNeil's class.

     forensic Science



    Sept. 17 (Tue):

    Thank you for wearing kahki and white - P.I.P. Faculty and staff Support!



    Augusta Fire Department visits for safety lesson (3rd Grade)

    1-fireDept 2FireDept


    Sept. 13(Fri): 2019-2020 Student Council Officer Candidates:


    • De'Zari Payne and Rodriquez Hall - running for President
    • Kaliyah Dennis and Sariah Danvers - running for Secretary
    • Niyonna Rhodes - running for a treasurer



    Sept. 16 (Mon): Mrs. Lanham - a fabulous Science teacher in 4th grade - Solar System learning game and project!  Let's watch! watch

    Lanham-1  Project



    Sept. 16 (Mon): Student Council Member candiates are ready. Let's meet them in the morning shows!


    Sept. 10 (Tue): B.C.E.S. sets up Harmonyy Goals for 2019 - 2020

    Harmony Goaals


    Sept. 10 (Tue): P.I.P. meets for fun activities and community services for excting 2019 - 2020

    More members are recruited this year!

    PIP Meets  


    Sept. 7 (Sat) Pretty in Pearls participate in Juice & Paint @ the local art studio!

    P.I.P  Barnes Art

    P.I.P. enjoys painting big pink Ps.                                       Mrs. Barnes "GREAT" art work



     Sept. Principal's Book: Arthur Writes a Story

                                    - Let's read and find what makes a good stoy. The e-version LINK





     Maintenance People, teachers, counselors, and administrators who provided their time and resources to help those evacuees during such destress, thank you so much!!