• Hispanic Heritage Month!

    September 15 - October 15


    Richmond Hill K-8 celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with our collection of Spanish and bilingual books. Titles include popular books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diary in Spanish as well as popular Hispanic authors and stories. These books can be checked out from the library.



    myOn has books about influential Hispanic Americans including Cesar Chavez, Ellen Ochoa, Sonia Sotomayor, Hector P. Garcia, John Danny Olivas, and Jose Antonia Navarro, in addition to over 220 books written in Spanish. Access myOn through your Launchpad.



     Scroll down for Hispanic Heritage Activity sheets.


    Spanish Words and Phrases:

    Good morning! Buenos dias!

    Hello! Hola!

    Goodbye  Adios

    Please/thank you/you're welcome  Por favor/gracias/de nada

    My name is ______  Me llamo es _______

    What is your name, please?  Como te llamas, por favor?

    Our school is Richmond Hill K-8  Nuestra escuela es Richmond Hill k-8

    May I help you?  Puedo ayudarlo?

    Do your best!  Gran trabajo!

    Where is the bathroom?  Donde esta el bano?

    Come with me.  Ven conmigo.