• Thanks  Let's Take a glance at B.C.E. in November, 2019 Thanksgiving

     This is how we are "Moving Toward Excellence!"




     Nov. 21(Thurs): Thanks giving Luncheon for B.C. Faculty and Staff by Pastor Gamble and Full-Life Church members! Thank you for this blessing ALWAYS!



     Nov. 13 (Wed): Hands-On Math Measuring practice! Thank you, Ms.Cromartie and her students!

     watch   measuring


     Nov. 12: Sneak Peek at B.C. Art Club! 

    watch  - Guess what they are creating now! 

    Art Club

    Well done - colorful masks!

    African Art  


     Nov. 12 (Tue): The World Finest Chocolate Campain starts!

    W.Finest  Flier

    Nov. 12(Tue): Great Success! 1,089 Canned goods! - THNAK YOU for ALL who did!


    Nov. 8 (Fri): PreVeterans Day read In - If a reader, why not a WRITER?

      - Let's work on Nov.8. Read In project to get to know about Veterans Day! Complete two tasks: reading and writing. 


    Thank you for all judges and homerooms! Character Pumpkin Fusion Fair!  watch


    The Canned Food Drive ends.  Let's help each other!

     Canned Food 2019


    Nov. 7 (Thurs): United Way hat & jeans Day! Your ample donation helps!




     Nov. 6 : Watch this video and guess WHERE the place is. watch

                                                    HINT: Strong math skills are needed to get a jpb! 

    Guess WHERE


    News: The Students of the Month celebration party is coming soon! 


    November Principal's book : Challenge on nonfiction book and work on a research!


    November Book

    November Principal's Book : e-book version File Link