• tree   Let's take a look at our learning in December, 2019 December

     This is how we are "Moving Toward Excellence!"




    Dec.19 (Thurs): Christmas Program    watch   

     Orchestra  Dance  Performance



    Dec. 18 (Wed): Christmas Fun - Part 1! Wear Ugly Christmas sweather!

    BCE-FUNNY1  ugly-sweater2




    Dec. 17 (Thue): P.I.P. delivers Christmas to Ga Children's Hospital

     Parents, thank you for your continuous support! 

    P.I.P.Merry Christmas



    Dec.16 (Mon): Christmas Read Aloud by Ms. Erin Prentiss, Outreach Services Manager @Augusta-Richmond County Public Library System   watch

    Read Aloud-Dec.16

     Thank you, Ms.Prentiss!!


     Dec. 13 (Fri): 5th Grade Social Studies Project are Displayed @ the media Center.

    Thank you, Ms. Hill and her students!

    5th Grade-1  5th Grade-2

    5th Grade-3  5th Grade-4


    Dec. 12 : Congratulations to 5th graders! - C.H.A.M.P.S. graduation



    Dec. 12 (Thurs): Art club makes coo-coo clocks and candy houses

    coo coo clock  Candy House


    Dec. 6 (Fri): Dance is FUN! Sponsored by Pre-K. THANK YOU!



    Dec. 4: The B.C. Christmas Tree is up!  Thank you for decorating, Mrs. Stone!



    Dec. 3: Spelling Bee - Great Participation, every contestants!

    Congratulations to all winners!


    Dec. 3 : P.I.P is getting ready to take Christmas stockings to the Children's hospital.

    *P.I.P is a Santa Claus on Dec.17! These Christmas stockings full of gifts and love are delivered to

    the children at Ga Children's Hospital @1:00 pm!



    Dec. 3 - 6 : The Fall ook Fair! We have Holiday cook books now that the whole family can enjoy!

    Please sign in to bring your class!   

     - Thank you, Mrs. Brown for the great support to be the first customer, esp. for the 'massive' amount of books you purchased!


    Book Fair  cook books


    Principal's book for December: Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus



    Dec.PrinBK-Bulletin  ms.brown

    The Audio Book : LINK

    The responsive Essay by Mr. Church - link

    News Article in the New York Sun - Link

    Audio of the editor's response: LINK