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    - Author of Thought Jar - Ms.Crosdale - Read Aloud - March 31

    Read Aloud


    -Author meets @9:00 Teams (Thank you, Ms.Hill!!)

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    Mr. Darius Williams is the author of DJ's Favorite Day, which is selected for the book of the month in February by the 5th grade teachers.

    He is Ms.Hill's cousin - our 5th grade online teacher - and kindly offred us an opportunity to read aloud the story and share his reflections and discuss the book.

    We appreciate to Mr. D. Williams and Ms.Hill!!

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    NEW - Feb. 11 - Title I Survey LINK



    Title I Survey - LINK - BOY


    Link  to the Survey of 2020 -2021 Title I Parent and Family Engagement BOY Survey 

    on Aug.18, 2020  Title I Virtual Meeting.

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