• hearts   Let's take a look at B.C.E. in February, 2020 president

     This is how we are "Moving Toward Excellence!"



    Feb. 28 (Fri): Black History Program  watch



     Feb. 26 (Wed): Black History Research Project - by 2nd Grade Ms.Cromartie's class

    Thank you, Ms. Cromartie and her students for historical research well done! watch

                                      Rosa Park  BLK-Project



    Feb. 25 (Tue): Black History Celebration presentation and read Aloud - Jump! (by selected 5th grade and 4th grade students: Rodriquez Hall, Tay'Shoun Franklin; Dalon Harden; Jayden Burton; and James Perkins)

    Ms. Washington and Mrs. Glass, thank you!

    Presentation1  Presentation 2


    Feb. 21 (Fri): Science Project -  Great SUCCESS!   Watch in video watch

    Thank you for all students who participated, teachers who supported, and Ms.Hill who organized this project!

     science project



    Feb. 21 (Fri): Ms. D. Williams throws a babyshower for Mrs. Chavis!

                                Mrs. Chavis - a happy mom-to-be- smacking at the cake!

    Baby Shower

    *This was orgnized by Ms.D. Williams and other teachers voluntarily.


    Feb. 13 (Thurs); 5th graders work on the consumer project, using advertisement

    Thank you, Ms. Washington! 



    Feb. 13 (Thurs): The Student Council delivers candygrams for Valentine's Day

    Thank you, Ms. G. Williams!




    Feb. 10 (Mon): The RCSS Math Competition

                                        Barton Chapel Math Team performed a fantastic job!

    Thank you, Ms. Blair for supervising our team!



     Feb. 12 (Wed): Valentine's Day read Aloud 

    Thank yu for Pre-K students for coming!

    Valentine's Day

    Feb. 11 (Tue): Bubble Experiment - two solutions: soap vs. cornsyrup 

    Question: Which solution makes better and more bubbles? Thank you, Mrs. Cocnran and her 1st grade class!




     Feb. 7 (Fri) @ 6:00 pm Evening with Dad    - The LINK to the Video

    Thank you for all who came! Thank you for all who helped set up the stage!

    *Special thanks to Mrs.Barnes for organizing this event!



                                                                            We thank you so much for helping us with the event! 
    • The speaker was Tiffiny Carter Robinson and her dad Apostle Eugene Carter
    • Food -Wife Saver
    • Servers: Mrs. Randolph, Mrs. Brooks, Ms. Rountree, Ms. Elliott,
    • Drinks: Mrs. Cooper
    • Treat Table: Brittney Gibson sponsored by Leonard Green
    • Parent Volunteers: Shanda Butler. Zekyethia Carter, Takeisha Barnes, Angie Patterson
    • Cakes: Christine Dent
    • DJ: Darryl Adderly
    • Picture Booth: JW Impressions
    • Other Volunteers: Ms. Cromartie, Mrs.Butler, Mrs.Mikel, Ms.Williams, Me. Warthen
    • Decorations: Ms. Tenisha Blair(#girldad) and Michelle Brady (wall on the stage)


    Feb.7 (Fri): Mrs. Stone reads aloud a Valentine's Day book in a kindergarten class

    Thank you, Mrs. Stone!

    Reading Aloud


     Feb. 6 (Wed): Popcorn Party for iReady Reading & Math Growth Check




    Feb. 3 - 7 : National School Counseling Week - Thank you, Ms.G.Williams, for your dedicated 46 years of service full of careing love!

    Our school counselor Ms. G. Williams helped countless children over 46 years of her life!!

    Her extraordinary dedication, passion, skills, knowledge and experiences are our advantage of having her @ B.C.E.S! Let's show your love and appreciation to Ms. G. Williams.



    Feb.3 - 11: Candy Gram by Student Council (@ Lunchroom from 7:45 - 8:30 am)



    Feb. 3 - 28: B.C. Book Craze campaign starts!

    It's all about LOVE of READING!


    The B.C. Book Craze (formerly called 'Reading Craze') starts this month.

    Read in MyOn and check out books from the media center, the highest readers get rewarded every week!