• Deer Chase Profile


    Deer Chase Elementary School is a public suburban school located in Hephzibah, Georgia.  The school is one of 37 elementary schools in the Richmond County, Georgia school district.  Deer Chase Elementary opened its doors in August 2005. It is located near Fort Gordon’s military base, which accounts for the transience of its students. There are approximately 550 students ranging from the Pre-K to 5th grade.  The faculty and staff total approximately 70 in number, which includes support staff.  The principal is Ms. Bing.   The student population is predominately African American, which is 90%, Caucasian, 5%, Hispanics 4%, and other 1% respectively.   There are many programs going on in the school to enhance the learning of all students.  The school is constantly changing with the school becoming a Title One school beginning 2014-2015 school year.




    It is the responsibility of the school counselor to deliver the comprehensive guidance program to elementary school students in a manner that meets their needs as related to their age and their grade. The guidance counselor should also provide services to promote the social and emotional development as well as the academic and career development of each student. Consults with teachers, parents, and staff to enhance their effectiveness in helping students’ educational, social, personal, and career development; provides appropriate support to the total school program.




    The vision of Deer Chase Elementary School's Counseling Program is guided by the commitment to porvide a safe, nurturing environment where the entire learing community addresses the unique developmental needs of students and collaborates freely to ensure each develops into a productive, carintg, ethical, and contributing member of society.




    The mission of Deer Chase Elementary School's Counseling Program is to maximize every student's social, educational and career development potential in order to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.