• Sunflower   Let's Take a Glance at B.C.E. in October 2020 ice cream

     This is how we are making "One Goal, One Dream!"



     Oct. 30 (Fri): Students are excited at the 'TREAT' of Pre-Halloween Celebration!

    Halloween Celebration


    Oct. 30: Pre-K enjoys a Hands-on, Pie-Making Lesson! "Yes, We Can Do It!"

    Pumpkin pie Baking



    Oct. 29: Carving a Pumpkin! A Hands-on, fun Lesson! "Yes, We Can Do It!!"

    carving a Pumpkin



    Oct. 26 - 30 : 'Red Ribbon Week' starts!

    Thank you, Ms. Burns for organizing this a-week-long event!

     Cap On


    Scary Poem! - Congratulations to Aliyah Knight - 1st grader! Scare the drug away!!  LINK


    Oct. 27: PBIS starts BEEP at Barton Chapel!

    BEEP  Standards



     Oct. 27 : The First Citizenship Awarded Students Recognized! 

     Citizenship Awards  LINK to the Good Job Song!


    Oct. 23 (Fri)

    Donate online for United Way!     -Effective until Nov. 18.   https://www.uwcsra.org/donate

    The Challenge for Each Member Of The Barton Chapel Elem. Family is set at $28.00 To Donate to Reach Our Goal. Link to Application

    See how it works. Trained volunteers protect donor investment. United Way of the CSRA Citizens Review panels are composed entirely of community volunteers and are responsible for visiting United Way's partner agencies annually to review the funded programs and services as well as make funding recommendations bi-yearly in our Community Investment Process.



    Oct. 20: The Police Officer Mr. Sabb - RCSS Marshal, reads aloud for pre-K!

    Thank you for visiting us for this accountable moment!

    Officer read Alouds- PK  



    United Way!! - Our goal for this year is $1200.  We can do this!!!  The deadline to turn in your contributions is Wednesday, November 18, 2020. 



    Oct. 17(Sat): A Miracle Mile Drive   Flyer LINK



     OrganWise Program starts! Get excited at learning more about your health, food, and important organs!




    Oct. 16 (Fri): Happy Boss's Day to Dr. Carpenter!

       5th grade teacher - Mr. Miller - presented Dr. Carpenter a framed BIT Moji picture.

       Ms. Hill presented the card and Ms.Washington directed the song "Happy Boss's Day!"

    Boss's Day


    Oct. 14 - 16: National School Lunch Week

     School Lunch Week


    Oct. 14 (Wed):  Happy - Forever-Young - Birthday to Ms. Bing, B.C. Assistant Principal!Happy_Birthday

    Oct. 14, 2020 - Ms. Bing appreciates to you and loves all for the precious gift, sweet donuts, and the heartful signs!






    Red Ribbon Week:

     Red Ribbon Week

    Oct. 1 - 30: Breast Cancer Awareness - Wear pink attires!