ap  The Theme of 2020-2021: "One Team, One Dream"  b

    Education is the most powerful weapon

    which you can use to change the world.”


     Let's Continue to Stay Safe!



    March 31 (Wed): Thank you for attending the Curriculum Night (Zoom)


    March 31 (Wed): College Day @ the Chapel

    College Day


    March 31 (Wed): Citizenship Award!

    Congratulations to two students: 

    2nd Grade - Kingston Dunn (virtual student) - nominated by Ms. Lanham

    3rd Grade - Zachariah Easter - nominated by Ms.Williams

    March 31


    March 23 (Tue) : Picture Day - Welcome back to the building, online students!

    Online Students  


    March 17 : St. Patrick's Day - green, green, green, everywhere! and College Day!




    March 11 (Thurs):

    Ms.Burns visits all winning classes- Ms.Heggs' Kinder, Ms.Washington's 5th and Ms.William's 3rd - for their performance at OrganWise Knowledge Quiz Competition!

    Watch in VIDEo -LINK                      Thank you, Ms. Burns!! Thank you to those who participated!!


    winners   points


    Please Look at Our Throught Jars! - We are proud of Our Creation and WE LOVE THEM ALL!




    March 10 (Wed): Let's create a thought jar! 

    Great book-related Activity by Ms.P.Washington!  LINK to the VIDEO

    Create a Jar  Jar  Jar2  Jar 3


    March 10 (Wed): Georgia 811 Digger Dog visit 2nd  & 3rd grade classes with Safety materials! 

    Ga 811  


    March 10 : College Day  &  National School Breakfast Week - Show College Spirits and Sports Spirits!

     March 10

     College Wednesday

    March 10, 2021

    March 8 - 12 : National School Breakfast Week  - Thank you for good BREAKFAST every morning!!




    March 8 - 212 : Social Work Week - Ms. Mosely, thank you! We LOVE You!!

    Thank you


    B.C. community continues to read after Read Across America!! Across the YEAR!


     March 1 - 5: B.C. Spring Book Fair! Thank you for your support!!

    A Great Success - We sold 1,525.15 ScholasticDollars - This amount is sent to Scholastic Book Fair Company! The B.C. Media center supported the faculty and staff for 50% share of the charges.

    book fair


    March 5 - Favorite Book Character Day - 

     March 5

    March 4 - Red & Blue Day

    March 4  

    March 4-4

    March 3  Tacky Day

    March 3

    March 3  


    March 2 (Tue): 100th Day of School - Dress for 100 years old!

    March 2

    March 2

     March 2

         Thank you for visiting our school for reading aloud, Ms. Flores and Dr. Bernard Chatman!!!

    LINK to the Viode of Thank you for visiting B.C.E.!



    March 1(Mon): The Wildest Sox Day

    march 1  

    March 1 - March 5 : Read Across America - Committe members: Mrs. Glass, Mrs. Burns, Ms. Blair, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Marbury, Ms. Gordon, and Mrs. Turner

    Event program -REVISED  -  LINK


     Congratulations! for being nominated for the February Cotizenship Awards!