New RCSS Students

    • Students new to Richmond County Schools, including transfers from in-state and out-of-state schools should complete the online registration first. If you would prefer to register in-person, you can find the school that you are zoned for and make an appointment


      To register your child, please complete all the pages in the online registration application. 

      • Print, copy or write down the Application or Confirmation number.  


      The following documents will need to be submitted to your child’s school after the online registration is completed.

      • Latest copy of student's report card or withdrawal form from previous school (if applicable)
      • Legal guardian's photo ID
      • Social Security Card
      • Proof of Residency (One from the list below)
        • Current Lease/rental agreement
        • Current home purchase agreement
        • Most recent income tax return
        • Current paycheck stub
        • Current Medicaid card
        • Current residential property tax statement or bill
        • Current warranty or quick claim deed
        • Current homeowner’s insurance policy 
      • Official Copy of Birth Certificate 
      • Completed Eye, Ear, and Dental Form** 
      • Completed Immunization Form**
      • Rising 11th Graders - New MCV4 Vaccination Requirement
      • Home Language Survey 
      • Parent Occupational Survey

      **The Eye, Ear, and Dental Form and the Immunization Form may be obtained from any Georgia Health Department, Eisenhower Medical Center at Fort Gordon, or any Georgia pediatrician's office or clinic.