ATTENTION ALL RISING 11TH GRADERS! New MCV4 Vaccination Requirement

  •  Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine Requirement:  Effective July 1, 2021

    Effective July 1, 2021, children 16 years of age and older, who are entering the 11th grade (including new entrants), must have received one booster dose of the meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4), unless their initial dose was administered on or after their 16th birthday.   All vaccinations must be up-to-date before attending the first day of school. Be sure to provide an updated immunization record to your child's school. Please read the attached letter from the Ga Dept of Public Health for further details. 


    Why does my child need the MCV4?  

    Meningococcal disease is a serious bacterial illness that affects the brain and the spinal cord. Meningitis can cause shock, coma and death within hours of the first symptoms. To help protect your children and others from meningitis, Georgia law requires students be vaccinated against this disease, unless the child has an exemption.



    DPH Required Meningococcal conjugate vaccine

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    For more information on MCV4 and other vaccinations:

     Ga School Vaccines & Updates

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School Nurse Supervisor

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    Healthy Children

Registration Information - Student Health Requirements

  • It's back-to-schol time! Have you updated your child's health information?  All students (new and returning) should have up-to-date medical/health information on file at school.  

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    In accordance with Georgia Department of Education policies for enrollment and to ensure the best care for your throughout the school year, all medical forms should be given to schools at the time of registration.  This includes:


    • Vision, Hearing, Dental & Nutrition Screening Forms *

    • Certificate of Immunization (or medical or religious exemption form)*

    • Health Card

    • Medication Authorization Form

    • Health Care Plans (allegy, diabetes, seizure, asthma, etc.)

    * = required for enrollment


    All health information required for enrollment must be on a GA form (not a form from a different state/country.)  If you need to have out-of-state forms converted, contact the local health department at (706)667-4329.  Blank copies several of the needed forms are available below.



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Medical Forms


  • New Option for Scoliosis Screenings  (6/2021) - 6th & 8th Grade Students

    Parents, scoliosis screening is required for all students in the 6th and 8th grades who attend public school in Georgia.  Students can now have their screening completed at their physician's office.  See the attached letter and form for more information.  Students who do not have their screening at the physician's office will participate in a school screening event. 


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Wellness Information


    Nurse Logo


    A Certified Professional School Nurse (RN or LPN) is one who is currently licensed by the Georgia Board of Nursing and certified in CPR and First Aid instruction.  

    The daily responsibilities of the school nurse in Richmond County Public Schools include the following:

    • Manages the school health services under the direction of the Superintendent and Principal, and in compliance with school district and state policies.
    • Functions in accordance with the Standards of Professional School Nursing Practice, the Nurse Practice Act, and Federal and State statutes that impact school nursing practice.
    • Provides information to the school board and school administrators as they develop school health policies and procedures.
    • Provides health-related training to school personnel.
    • Provides preventive health services to students including health education, screening, consultation, and referrals.
    • Provides nursing assessments and nursing diagnoses and develops plans of care for students needing health and nursing interventions.
    • Implements interventions within the plan of care directly, through delegation, or through the provision of oversight and coordination to other responsible staff based on consideration of health, safety, and welfare of the student.
    • Coordinates in-school health care with the student’s primary care physician, and other providers/staff as necessary and appropriate.


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    Every year Richmond County recognizes our "Nurse of the Year".  May 12th, 2021 was our National School Nurse Appreciation Day and RCSS celebrated all of it's school nurses in accordance to that day.   Stay tuned for more details!    



    We appreciate all our nurses and the hard work that you do! 


     RCSS School Nurses 2018 - 2019