Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Brittany Anderson-Dorsey

Welcome to 8th Grade Science! 


Dear Parents or Guardians:

My name is Brittany Anderson-Dorsey. I am the 8TH Grade Science Teacher here at Hornsby Middle School. I have Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Claflin University. I have worked for Communities and Schools of Wilkes County and with United Way in Macon, Ga as a Parent Educator for Parents as Teachers. I am presently working on a Master’s degree in Secondary Education with emphasis in STEM at Grand Canyon University.

 In the classroom, I plan to motivate my students to become lifelong learners in the field of Science. We will cover topics on Physical science. We will also conduct appropriate activities to demonstrate the subjects. Students will also be assigned homework and projects throughout the school year to demonstrate what we have learned. I look foward to working with you this year. LET'S have some fun! 


Course Description: The middle school physical science course is designed to give students the necessary skills for a smooth transition from elementary physical science standards to high school physical science standards. The purpose is to give all students an overview of common strands in physical science including, but not limited to, the nature of matter, laws of energy, matter, motion and forces, and energy transformations.


Course Outline and Pacing Guide:

First Nine Weeks:         Introduction to Physical Science, Laboratory Procedures, Matter, Atoms,    

                                      and Elements

Second Nine Weeks:    Energy, Magnetism, and Electricity

Third Nine Weeks:       Waves, Sound, Force and Motion

Fourth Nine Weeks:      Force and Motion Continued, Show What You Know (All Standards

                                      Reviewed and Displayed), and Biology Acceleration


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