• As you know, you are now going into 6th grade!  Congratulations!  As your teacher, I'm excited to see all your wonderful faces on Monday!  Please take the time to review my website classroom philosphy and classroom expectations!  I feel as your new Science Teacher, it is important that I let you know what your first day will entail!

    1)  Please be on time to school!  Maybe be to school a little earlier so that you are not stressed out the first day!  Eat Breakfast unless you are eating at the school!

    2)  In the lobby, there is a list posted on whose class you are in!  For my homeroom, you are in Science lab 151.  

    3)  Walk into the classroom quietly and look for your assigned seat!  Please be respectful and be quiet when you come in.

    4)  When class starts, we will take roll to see who is ready to learn!

    5)  We wil review the following on the first day!

    • What we expect from you as a 6th grader.
    • What we expect from you as an academic achiever
    • What we expect from you as a professional student of Murphey Middle School.
    • We will do some get-to-know you activities.
    • We will go over what exciting curriculum topics you learn and partipate in.


    These are just a few highlights!  We look foward to seeing you all on Monday!


    Mr. Seawell