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    Name Theresa Thompson
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    Grade(s): 5th
     706 823-6950
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  • If you have any questions or concerns about 4-H, please contact Mrs. Winnie Garrett. 



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  • We have classwork on every Thursday using their textbook so the students MUST bring their Math book to class. 


    We have assesssments every Friday on the content we have learied M-Th which is exaclty what they do for homework each night. 

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  • Tryouts have been scheduled Monday  September 23rd from 3:30 to 4:30 in room 204 Ms. Thompson's room. 

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  • Math- Student  On-line Text book:

    Username- ThompsonFord
    Password- Pride1
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  • Dry erase markers for the year

    dry erase marker eraser

    3 composition books




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  • 5th Grade Mathematics Course Syllabus

    Ms. Thompson and Mrs. Carroll-Baker


    Contact info: School phone number 706 823-6950

    Email: thompth@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us


    Conference Times: (Contact Kimberly Schnorbus via email



    Course Description:

            This year, you will learn an array of exciting and thought provoking mathematical concepts!  The major units of study are Data Analysis (with Graphing), Working with Decimals, Mastering Fractions, Planar Geometry, Solid Geometry, and Algebra.  You are expected to learn HOW to do mathematical computations, WHY we do them and how they apply in the real world, create a model to represent the solution of the problem, and write, explain, and justify how to solve the problem.  

    Instructional Philosophy: 

            Your typical math class will begin with a problem of the day (POD).  Then, we will do Number Talks (mental Math strategies) which is directly followed by reading the standard in which you are required to meet, if not exceed.  After that, the teacher will do a brief lesson.  Then, you will work on a challenging task in small groups.  The teacher will facilitate and guide students where needed.  We will conclude class each day with a ticket out the door (TOD). 

    You will be able to use manipulatives and work with pictures often.  You and the teacher will use the Promethean board frequently and other technology whenever possible.  The teacher will speak to groups at times, and will have one-on-one conferences as needed to help you be successful.

    Major Course Goals:

            Your biggest goal this year is to prepare for 6th grade math.  In order to do that, you are expected to master the 5th grade Georgia Performance Standards, if not exceed those standards.  By meeting these expectations, you will be better prepared for the middle school grades.

    Instructional resources/materials

    • Grade level textbook and workbook
    • Manipulatives
    • 3 composition books
    • Dry erase markers
    • Pens/pencils
    • Crayons
    • Glue and washable paint 


    Major Course Projects & Instructional Activities:

    • Weekly Common Assessments
    • Performance Tasks & Culminating Tasks
    • G-Map
    • I ready(computerized benchmarks)
    • Benchmarks


    10%- Homework.  (Homework will be given Monday-Thursday of each week.)

    20%-quizzes (will be on their multiplication facts and concepts they are doing for homework that week) 

    30%-Classwork/daily activities

    40%- Common Assessments/tests and projects (Aligned with the standards taught the week before and the standards taught the week of the assessment)


    Discipline Plan

    Infraction one: Verbal Reminder (-5pts)

    Infraction two: Silent Lunch or no recess and a dicipline notice sent home (-10pts) 

    Infraction three: Detention (If the student accumulates three infractions within the course of One school day, they will be assigned one or more hours of detention (-15 pts)

    Infraction four: Counselor referral and schedule a formal team conference (Including student, parent, principal and/or support teacher) (-20pts)

    Infraction five: (-25pts)

     If the student accumulates five or more infractions within the course of one week, he or she will be assigned one or more hours of detention depending upon the infraction as outlined on the Richmond County Detention form.

    Detention or Office referral and or detention (Some infractions may result in an automatic office referral and or detention) any student acting in a dangerous, illegal or insubordinate manner will be referred to the office immediately.

    ***Students begin each week with a 100 in conduct; the weekly grades are averaged together at the end of each nine weeks period.



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