• Good evening Wildcats

    We had a great first week of digital learning. As the teachers, parents, and students adjust to this change thank you for your patience and cooperation. We are so fortunate to have the best staff, students, and parents at Walker. Here are your updates for the week ahead:


    1) Its time for roll call! If you haven't communicated with your child's teacher over the past week we want you to check in. Please reach out by email or other form of communication and give us an update on your child. Let the teachers know how the students are doing, if you are having any difficulties, and share your success. We miss our students!


    2) NEXT WEEK IS SPIRIT WEEK! C.T. Walker students, parents, and staff we want you to participate in our first Virtual Spirit Week. The flyer for the days is posted on the C.T. Walker webpage. Monday is PJ day. Show us distance learning can be done in pjs!, Tuesday is CT Walker day. Dress in your favorite CT Walker gear or school colors, Wednesday is Tacky Day, Thursday is crazy sock day, and Friday is Fictional Character day. Post pictures using the hashtag #ctwalkermagnetschool on your social media accounts. Also feel free to post spirit pictures to our PTO Facebook page or email them to me so that we can compile our student's faces!


    3) Don't forget to check out our Distance Learning Page on the CT Walker website. The administrative team has been posting videos and we will continue to update this week with new books, science experiments, and math lessons.


    4) Our guidance counselors are also available during this time. We know that this is a stressful time for us all. Check out their webpage for great resources on how to help your child through this unprecedented event. They are also available to chat. If you have a concern, please email them and they will be happy to reach out to help. 


    5) Administrators are hopping into zoom classes, teams meetings, and helping teachers with video chats. Don't worry however if your child can't attend. Remember the whole goal is to keep learning as an active process.


    We hope to see you very soon. In the meantime, stay at home, get plenty of exercise, and read read read.


    Have a great night. 

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