• Application Process


    C.T. Walker is a magnet school which serves Richmond County students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Students are admitted on selective criteria and lottery process. Applications for all grades are available on line each school year during the month of November and December. Students will be scheduled for magnet testing in January or early February. If students meet criteria, they are placed in a lottery. Spots are filled based on lottery draw with the remaining qualified applicants placed on a waiting list. Waiting lists are maintained until the opening of the school year. Students must reapply each year for upcoming vacancies if not admitted during the current school year.  


    Applications for Kindergarten 


    Applications are accepted for kindergarteners for the upcoming school year during the months of November and DecemberIn January, all kindergarten applicants are tested. Those applicants with passing test scores are entered into a lottery for the available vacancies. 


    Admission Requirements for Grades 1-8 


    All applications are reviewed for the following requirements: 

    • Your child must be on grade level in Reading and Math according to the magnet school placement test. 

    • Your child's report card must have a cumulative average of a 2.0 in ELA and Math in grades K-3 and an 80 or above in each academic area in grades 4-8. 

    • Your child's conduct grades must be at 80 or above average.  

    • Your child must be a bona fide resident of and domiciled in Richmond County. 


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