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    Dr. LaTasha Huff 
    Grade(s): 7th Grade
    Subject(s): Social Studies

  • All About Me
    My name is LaTasha Huff, I was born in Augusta GA, I love elephants, reading and shopping.
    I have three wonderful kids, Cameron age 13, Lauren age 7 and Londyn which is 2.
    I have a B. S. from Paine College
    M.S. From Troy University
    M.S. in Education at North Central University
    EDS in Education at North Central University 
    PhD From North Central University

    Goals for Each Student:
    Feel and be successful
    Love and enjoy coming to school
    Get along with each other
    Work independently, as well as cooperatively with others.
    Be an example of great character
    Not only master but exceed the required 8th grade standards.


    Students will explore the contemporary events of European history which have shaped the current geopolitical and socioeconomic climate of the region. As with all 7th grade historical standards, it is not intended to serve as an exhaustive history of the region, but rather a snapshot of major events and historical trends that help explain the current state of Asia and Africa affairs. 

    Supplies: Parents of 7th graders, your children need paper, pencils (sharpener) colored pencils, compass, notebook (3 ring binder) with separators for each class and a positive attitude.

    Parents I tell the students that they are responsible for having those basic supplies every day. Also, the mechanical pencils are more problem than help as the children spend more time repairing them than they do on Social Studies. Please ensure that your children have enough pencils and paper to get them through the day. Some of them lose or give away several pencils a day and I cannot re-supply them. Also, they need a place to keep their pencils secure. I have tried and I end up giving away a dozen a day.
    Thank you for your support
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