School History

  • School History

    Construction of John M. Tutt School was completed on September 4, 1959.  The school was named after Mr. John McClinton Tutt, a mathematics teacher and coach at Lucy C. Laney High School.  Mr. Tutt was not only an excellent teacher, but he enjoyed the distinction of being one of the best coaches of his time.  An article published in the local newspaper characterized Mr. Tutt as being a noted football official, probably the oldest coach in the South, and the first Black to referee a college football game.  Mr. Tutt was born on January 14, 1886 and died on July 13, 1968, at 82; he dedicated fifty years of his life to educating students.


    Originally, there were only ten classrooms in the school, and it was built to accommodate 300 students from grades one through eight. 1966 Tutt became a 1st through     12th grade school, with the first graduating class receiving their high school diplomas in 1969.  In 1970, Tutt became a junior high housing eighth and ninth graders since the earlier 80's Tutt has been a middle school housing sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.