• Welcome to B.C. Media Center - 2021 - 2022!



    For our Safety, the change and adjustment are made as follows:



    Vision -Media Center Vision as Instructional Partner-

    balanced Literature approah


    To educate students to become independent and lifelong learners who can read, use information critically, respectfully, and analytically; contribute positively to the globally competitive society; and become fluent in multi-phased literacy: media, textual, visual, and technology.


    Library is for everybody, so we respect others and materials by...

    1. leaving food and drinks outside,
    2. asking questions whenever we need help,
    3. talking and walking quietly,
    4. handling things with care,
    5. putting things back where they belong,
    6. cleaning the areas before we leave.

    "We are critical readers, ethical library users, and analytical researchers."






  •  Hours : 8:30 A.M. - 3:15 P.M.
     Days : Monday - Friday

    Mrs. Rita Vasquez
    School Library Media
    Phone: 706-796-4955
    Email: vasquri@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

    Media Center Upcoming Events

    • Book Fair 11/29-12/3