• Glenn Hills Elementary School is located on the highest hill in Augusta near the intersection of Bobby Jones Expressway and Deans Bridge Road. Augusta, the second largest city in Georgia, is located along the Georgia-South Carolina border formed by the Savannah River. Augusta is a suburban city with a population of about 200,000 people.


    Our school was opened in 1969 with eleven classrooms in one building. In the 1970's, fifteen classrooms were added in two additional wings. The addition of five portable classrooms was necessary in the 1980's. This brought the total number of classrooms to 31 with a staff of 35 teachers and 18 teaching assistants. In 1998, a much needed gymnasium for Physical Education was added to our campus.


    The enrollment at Glenn Hills Elementary has always been between 400-516 students. This year, 2019-20, there are approximately 460 students at Glenn Hills Elementary. Although Glenn Hills serves a diverse population, the majority of our students are African American.