2020-2021 School Council

  • School Council Members


     Shawnda Spruill

    Assitant Principal:

    Tarolette Adkinson

    School Designee

    Satu Davis

    Teacher Representative:

     Hayley Rossi

    Teacher Representative:

     Ari Venteicher

    Teacher Representative:

    Felecia Lovett

    Parent Representative:

     Patrice Allen

    Parent Representative:

     Kristen Rivera-Gonzalez


    School Council Agendas, Sign-In Sheets and Minutes

    Meeting Date(s):  


     Scheduled Meetings:  December 10, 2020


    School Council  

    Fall Meeting 

    December 10, 2020 

    Virtual Zoom Meeting 

    Members:  Shawnda Spruill, Tarolette Adkinson, Hayley Rossi, Ari Venteicher, Felecia Lovett, Satu Davis, Patrice Allen, Kristen Rivera-Gonzalez. 

    Members Present:  Hayley Rossi, Ari Venteicher, Satu Davis, Patrice Allen. 


    1)  Welcome and Introductions 

    2)  Review 3 School Improvement Plan Goals 

    3)  Technology Needs 

    4)  Suggestions for School Improvement? 

    5)  School Counseling Program 

    6)  Suggestions for School Counseling Program? 



    1. IReviewed 1stSchool Improvement Goal:  By the end of the year 2020-2021 school year, the percentage of students performing at grade level in Math will increase by 3% as measured by district mandated Iready  


    1. Reviewed 2nd School Improvement Goal:  By the end of the 2020-2021 school year, the percentage of students performing at grade level in Reading will increase by 3% as measured by district mandated Iready and HMH assessments. 


    III.  Input:  Mrs. Rossi and Mrs. Venteicher, who have been virtual teachers for the fall semester, both shared that it was quite an adjustment for the students to get used to the virtual format, but that there has been improvement.  Whereas before half of Mrs. Venteicher’s class did not turn in their assignments, now there are only 4 students in a class of 42, who do not turn in anything.  There were attendance problems in the beginning, but now there are only 2 who do not attend, and they will be attending F2F in the spring.  Now students, who need tutoring, are attending consistently.  Mrs. Hayley voiced similar results in her 2nd grade virtual class.  The improvements are largely based on the virtual teachers working long hours and relentlessly to contact the parents.    

    There are still wi-fi and connectivity issues for the students and parents.  Mrs. Venteicher had set up 3 technology help sessions, but only 1 parent has shown up for any of them.  All agreed that it would be beneficial to offer computer classes for parents.  Mrs. Allen, our one parent present at the meeting, shared that everything is going great with her 3rd grade daughter in her virtual classroom.  Mrs. Allen shared that she works nights, so she is able to help her daughter with school in the daytime.  She said that her technology and wi-fi have worked well, and her launch pad has only been down twice for 15-30 minutes at a time.  In January many of our virtual students will be switching to F2F.  Mrs. Allen offered suggestions for teachers to call parents and to ask them in a positive way e.g. “Let me see how can I help you.”  She suggested to call parents asking, if they need more support.  It was suggested to have a virtual parent meeting with raffle prizes.  Some parents may be feeling very anxious and overwhelmed, so a zoom meeting of support, positivity and encouragement would be beneficial 


    1. Reviewed 3rd School Improvement Goal:  By the end of the 2020-2021 school year, Glenn Hills Elementary School will maintain the percentage of Tier 1 students (0-1 Office Discipline Referrals) at 95% or higher as measured by the state PBIS EOY report.  There have been no office discipline referral in the fall semester! 


    1. Technology Needs: 

    1)  Internet access for virtual students. 

    2)  Parent training for virtual students 

    3) Laptops and chargers:  one for each student and to replace ones not  

    returned to the school. 

    4)  Cafeteria:  Reverse projection screen and projector/Sound system. 

    5)  Mobile active panel. 

    6)  Phone system in classroom for support staff. 


    1. VISchool Counseling Program:

    1)  December:  Classroom Guidance on feelings re: covid 19 for F2F  

    students; one class per day because of covid tracking; individual  

    counseling as needed. 

     2)  January-May: - Classroom guidance on emotions, social skills, child  


                                 -Virtual career speakers 

                                 -Group counseling on emotional health and social skills for students  

                                  selected by teachers and administrative staff 

                                 -Individual counseling as needed 

                                 -Peer mediation (possibly) 


    VII.  Input:  The teachers suggested that the topic of healthy ways to manage stress would be the top priority for classroom guidance lessons in the spring.  Also, priorities and time management would be another important topic for the students as well as making healthy choices.  The teachers, also, shared that there is a need for virtual counseling for some students and/or parents.  Ms. Davis said she would look into how this could be done. 


    VIII.  Adjournment.