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Science Resources


Exploratorium Educator Resources (STEM, Science, Math) Exploratorium is a museum in San Francisco that aims to combine STEM and creativity. They have great resources for teachers.


NASA Educator Resources


National Institute of Health  Lesson plans and activities for grades 5-12, mostly addressing drug abuse.


National Science Digital Library  Search for resources by subject, grade level, resource type, or standard. Activities, labs, lessons, data sets, diagrams, games, lectures, videos--all free! Create an account to save and organize the resources you use.


National Science Foundation  An incredible compendium of teacher resources including units, lesson plans, videos, and printables, K-12.

  • Arctic and Antartic
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Environment
  • Engineering
  • Nanoscience
  • and more


NOVA Articles and video from the public television show.


OK Go Sandbox  Music videos created by the rock group OK Go introduce science concepts and lessons. Use them as a hook to get students interested or combine them with the provided lessons and other videos explaining the concepts. Grades 1-12





Smithsonian Educator Resources


Scientists @ the Smithsonian Students can read and watch videos about twenty-one Smithsonian scientists and the work they do in the field including

  • Bat listener
  • Bee tracker
  • Frog follower
  • Dinosaur hunter
  • Zoo vet
  • Jungle explorer




Science Buddies 

is a great website with 203 STEM  activities for students elementary through high school. All activities include instructions, a supply list (materials), and an explanation of the science behind the activity. Some of the activities include short videos demonstrating the how-to's. Many of the STEM activities can be done with things you might already have at home or could easily purchase at a dollar store or grocery store. Others require special equipment which you can order from Science Buddies. Grades K-12


This is also a great website to find a science fair project.



SciShow YouTube channel Science concepts taught in accessable, easy-to-understand videos that last from 3 to 10 minutes.




 Technovation Families (formerly known as Curiosity Machine). Technovation Families is a website offering a curriculum and lesson plans exploring artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, as well as a whole series of design challenges in areas ranging from satellite systems to biomechanics. The site is geared toward home use with parents and kids working together on different projects, but the materials are well suited to the classroom as well. Grades 4-12


Understanding Science: How Science Really Works Resources for teachers, K-12, from Berkeley University:



Understanding Evolution  Also from UC Berkeley. Resources for teaching evolution, K-12.



PhET Interactive Simulations  Free interactive simulations for math and science (physics, chemistry, earth science, and biology) from the University of Colorado. Start with Facilitating Activities for K12 and the video series: Facilitating PhET Activities in K12 classrooms Great for virtual learning!