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Owen C Fletcher (author)

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Productive Collaborator

Demonstrates empathy, cooperation, and flexibility. Resolves conflicts appropriately. Actively participates in team activities to achieve common goals.

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Critical Thinker

Demonstrates openness to new and diverse perspectives. Analyzes and interprets situations, patterns, and data. Weighs evidence to make complex decisions.

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Responsible Citizen

Demonstrates personal integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior. Exhibits pride in producing quality work and fullfiling responsibilities. Shows respect toward people, property, and the use of resources.

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Innovative Problem-Solver

Displays curiosity, inventiveness, and originality. Creates products and shares ideas to solve challenging tasks. Uses information from a variety of sources to develop unique solutions.

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Effective Communicator

Demonstrates ability to engage others in productive interactions. Listens attentively and asks questions to clarify understanding. Conveys ideas clearly in verbal, written, visual, and digital formats.

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Continuous Learner

Demonstrates a growth mindset and ability to persevere. Shows motivation, initiative, and effort to achieve academic and career goals. Engages in reflection and accepts feedback for individual improvement and self-advocacy.