My Teaching Philosophy

  • My instructional philosophy is rather simple. I believe that the curriculum, instruction, and assessment are the main ingredients which must be incorporated in appropriate proportions. I can’t use one without the other if so the system of educating students will not be as effective. The curriculum is what I teach my students. I use a pacing guide and a curriculum map (provided by the Richmond County Board of Education Curriculum Department) which keeps me on target to make sure students receive all the necessary mathematics which will help them achieve success now and in the future. Instruction involves how I deliver the curriculum. I present different techniques to solve problems. But what is more important is allowing students to explore, discover, and ask probing questions. This will allow them to be more responsible for their learning. I also have to use manipulatives (cubes, shapes, number lines…...), music, games, and many other forms of hands on, interactive instruction to keep my students engaged. Assessment (checking for student understanding) can be in the forms of formative and/or summative. Formative assessments gather information about student learning during a lesson or unit of study. This allows me to track students’ progress and to make changes to instruction. Summative assessment shows what students have learned at the end of a lesson or unit of study. This will provide me and the student evidence of what they have learned.