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  •   Middle School Math This is a list of all 413 Virtual Nerd tutorials in Middle School Math, organized by topic.


    Teach students the more rigorous mathematics standards in a highly supportive way. Build conceptual understanding while balancing procedural fluency—strengthening your students' ability to use higher-order thinking to solve complex problems.


    Basic Math Resources

    • AAA Mathhas numerous interactive arithmetic lessons. Topics covered include addition, counting, comparing, decimals, equations, estimations, graphs, fraction, multiplication, and more. You can also sort topics by grade level, starting in kindergarten and ending with eighth grade.  
    • Aplus Mathcaters to grades K-12 so you will find a wide variety of math topics here. The site has flashcards, games, homework help, and practice work sheets.
    • Math Reference Tablescovers general math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and above. Its general section includes number notation, addition, multiplication, fractions, and units and measurement. This site can also be translated into Spanish!
    • KidZone Mathoffers helpful math resources in fun, kid-appropriate formats. A range of free, printable worksheets is available, organized by grade level, activity type, and theme, allowing kids to find a worksheet that suits them best. In addition, this site provides timed quizzes on addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
    • Math Arcade, has a plethora of games for kids kindergarten to eighth grade to practice their math skills. The site includes addition, subtraction, fractions, division, and much more.
    • Math is Fun!, as evident from its name, attempts to present math to kids as an enjoyable, interactive subject. Simple explanations are supplemented by practice problems in the following topics: numbers, algebra, geometry, data (mean, median, mode, surveys, tables), and measurements. Also included are puzzles and quizzes, as well as an elaborate illustrated dictionary of basic math terms.
    • comfocuses, as one may expect, exclusively on multiplication. The site features games, self-correcting timed quizzes, resources, and instructional videos. This is a great site for any child struggling with his times tables.

    Educational Math Games Online

    • Cool Math Games tests younger kids’ math abillities in a variety of  challenging (and neon) ways. Find games that will strengthen different skills useful in math, such as numbers, strategy, logic, and memory.
    • Funbrain is a fun resource for kids, kindergarten through eighth grade. At funbrain, you can challenge your math knowledge playing enjoyable games like math baseball or by visiting the math arcade.
    • Math Games for Kids tests basic knowledge of math in skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The games are organized by subject so you can really strengthen a child’s weak area.
    • Math Playground allows you to explore many levels of math in many fun ways. Try practicing your Cartesian coordinates by saving the Zogs or guiding the gecko through a vast land of fractions.
    • Online Math Learning allows for kids to test different math skills in ways that will make them feel like they’re playing video games rather than being forced to learn. This resource is conveniently organized by subject, and has games for preschool kids all the way up to high school kids.

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