• Helen Ruffin Reading bowl team information



    The team will meet weekly during intervention time. At each meeting, team members will meet with their reading partner to discuss their current book and write and answer questions. 


    For each book you read, you are expected to

    1. Fill out a summary sheet
    2. With your partner, write at least 20 questions and answers on index cards. These cards will be put in a question bank for the whole team to practice.


    The reading schedule is below. You will have about 3 weeks to read each book. Books will be assigned based on your requests, but you may be asked to read something else, based on what is needed for the team.

    (You may read extra books if you finish early.)

    Reading schedule, to prepare for Reading Bowl on January 26, 2019

    By this date

    You should read

    October 10

    Book 1

    October 30

    Book 2

    November 27

    Book 3

    December 18

    Book 4

    January 10

    Book 5


    In January, we will plan to meet twice a week for whole team practice.


    **The final team will have 10 members. If we have more than 10 students in the club, the final team will be selected based on keeping up with your reading, completing the summaries and questions, and participation.