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    Name Shatara Sims
    Email: SimsSh@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade(s): 5th
    Subject(s): Math  

    Welcome to the Wonderful World of 5th Grade


  • Richmond County Teacher of Year 2020   

    Parents, we are working on Zoom.us daily due to school being out.  Please join us!!

    Parents, please join the 5th Grade Team Dr. Adger, Mrs. Henderson, and myself on Bloomz.net to stay up to date on homework and other important events.


    Welcome to Mrs. Sims, Learning Zone. In room 506, we step together for success.  Every child has a right to a high-quality education so that he or she can be competitive in today's society. Parents I have an open door policy so feel welcome to come and help out with your child's education. I am proud to announce that I am Richmond County Teacher of the Year for 2020

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