• Hains will take a team to the January, 2024, Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl!

    Helen Ruffin was a DeKalb County School librarian. She wanted to motivate students to read excellent books, so she started the Reading Bowl. The annual HRRB pits teams from participating schools against each other in a competitive game format. Students are asked questions about the 10 books chosen by the Georgia Peach Book Award Nomination Committee.

    The Reading Bowl is a competition with other elementary school teams that compete after reading 10 different chapter books selected by the committee. The district level competition is at the end of January. 

    To prepare for the Reading Bowl competition, we will read and discuss the ten books, learn about topics pertaining to the books, write practice questions, practice answering questions and memorize facts about the books. 

    Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl is a state-wide reading initiative and quiz bowl-style competition that tests students’ knowledge of Georgia Peach Award books.

    Potential benefits of participation in this reading program include:

    • Improved academic achievement
    • Increased standardized test scores
    • Increased reading comprehension
    • Improved verbal communication skills
    • Improved cooperation skills
    • Increased sense of team spirit
    • Enhanced appreciation of literature
    • Greater self-esteem


    We will be ordering team shirts. They should not cost more than $10 each.


    Students will be expected to take notes or write questions about the books they read for use at practices.

    Students may, but are not required to, read all 10 books. 

    Below is the list of books to read to prepare for the 2024 HRRB.