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Ms. Chaffino


Dear Parents and Guardians,

WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF 5TH GRADE!!!!!! We are excited about the new school year and hope you are too.  We hope this will be an excellent and fantastic year for all of us. This year Miss Chaffino will be teaching (Language Arts), Ms. Armour-Barber will be teaching (Science and Social Studies), and Ms. Weaver will be teaching (Mathematics).

Below are a few reminders that we would like to share with you:

  • Parent/ Teacher Relationships are necessary!! We need you to assist your child with homework, encourage them to do their best, and ensure they study each night. Also, remind your child about the proper behavior that should be displayed at school each day. All students are expected to follow the school and classroom rules. Please feel free to contact your child’s teachers about his or her progress or any problem you may have. Please update your contact information if it changes during the year. We must have a working phone number in case of an emergency. During the school year, check for messages from your child’s teachers. 


  • HOMEWORK!! Homework will be given each and every night, Monday- Friday. Please ask your child to share and show their homework to you. We ask that you ensure your child completes all of their homework daily. This is an important part of learning and should be taken seriously. 
  • SWITCHING!! We will be switching classes in fifth grade. Miss Chaffino will teach Language Arts, Ms. Armour-Barber will teach Science and Social Studies, and Ms. Weaver will teach Mathematics.  Our team will be working very closely with you to monitor your child’s performance. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact any team member at (706) 796-4918. You may also contact a 5th-grade teacher via ClassDojo (once you have set up an account). 
  • BEHAVIOR!! We will be following the Richmond County Code of Conduct. Conduct grades will be assigned weekly. Please review the rules, consequences, and rewards with your child to ensure that there is a clear understanding of what is expected at all times during the school year. 


  • GRADING!! We encourage you to sign up for the Infinite Campus Parent Portal at to keep track of your child’s grades. Students are also able to access their grades on Launchpad at


  • PROJECTS!! Weaver and the 5th-grade team will be given projects to complete this school year. A rubric will be provided for each project so that the expectations are met.


  • ASSESSMENTS!! Assessments will be given daily or weekly in all subject areas. They will consist of one of the following:
  • Ticket in or out the door
  • RACE, ACE, RICE constructed response
  • 3 Math I-Ready assessments for the Beginning, Middle, and End of Year
  • Teacher common assessments
  • Georgia Milestone Assessment (End of Grade). Each 5thGrader must pass or meet state requirements on READING and MATHEMATICS. These subjects are very critical this year. If you know that your child struggles in one or both of these areas, please work with them and keep in constant contact with your child’s teachers to ensure success throughout the year and on the test


We look forward to meeting each of you throughout the school year. Please do not hesitate to call your child’s teachers or schedule a time to visit the classrooms. I hope that this year will be an excellent experience for you and your child. If there are any questions or concerns, each teacher can be reached via the school at (706) 796-4918. Thank you for your time and cooperation.



The Fifth Grade Team

Ms. Weaver, Ms. Amour-Barber, and Miss Chaffino