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    Mrs. Jennifer M. Wymbs, Assistant Principal 
    Email: Wymbsje@boe.Richmond.k12.ga.us




              I am excited about this 2024-2025 school year  at A. Dorothy Hains!! Supporting the teachers and students is a great responsibility and I will do my best to ensure that everyone has a positive, exciting, and motivating experience. However, I cannot do this without the help of the team; and the team that I am referring to are the students, staff, teachers, administration, and parents! We are in this together.


    Throughout the school year I will communicate with you via telephone, workshop, letters, emails, flyers and the RCBOE website. I do encourage you to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.


    I will upload any information that the teachers, students and parents could use to my webpage, so this will keep you knowledgeable of what is going on here at Hains. Again, let’s make this a positive and great school year.


    Check back here often to see about upcoming special events, important dates, trips and celebrations. If you have any  questions or concerns, you can contact me via email  at WymbsJe@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us  or work phone 706-796-4918.  

    Mrs. Jennifer M. Wymbs